curiousity flashes

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Musings

As I cannot afford enrolling in a formal crash course training in Flash because the package costs around 5,000 peso in a computer school hereabouts, I have decided to just follow the self-teaching route. Although a month ago, I have saved up just enough moolah to pay for a package course on Adobe design tools (flash, photshop and dreamweaver), but something unexpected happened and I had to spend that money on something else. So now, I’m back to staying up late (as of this writing, it’s 4:30 am) to learn more techniques in Flash. Mornings are spent working my ass off in school–marking papers, computing grades, and doing other faculty duties. At night, I face my laptop and figure out Flash on my own.

At first it irritated the wits out of my impatient self. But later into the night, I have learned to be more explorative.  I realized that learning this tool really demands a kind of patience–not the ordinary one, but the patience of a curious hungry cat waiting, strategizing, and anticipating for the kill. You can never learn if you are to afraid to make mistakes though, because Flash as I have discovered, is learned through a series of trial and error. It just needs a whole lot of curiousity, and strength to explore outside the box.

Now, I’m getting the hang of shape and motion tweenings. It’s kind of interesting how motion can be controlled with just drags and clicks. The most important part though is learning the importance of the timeline. Hah! There’s nothing that can subsitute for the joy of learning something new. 🙂

  1. Lemuel Asibal says:

    Wow! You’ll be an amazing graphic designer (for still and moving pictures) one of these days. Multi-talented jud akong idol wui 😀

  2. Nelfa says:

    you are so right. flash is a journey into the trial-and-error realm. i once attended a flash training–back when my computing and graphic designing skill was way below average. i wasn’t able to finish my project at the end of the training. later, i discovered that like anything else, like math, there’s kind of logic to it. if you don’t see the whole picture, you can’t really master the program. keep it up! i admire your works, your posts! there’s talent and vision in them.

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