Performance Art Part 2 (text+body+site)

Posted: October 3, 2008 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, Musings


I had to hand it to Aaron for coming up with an interesting concept for his performance art piece yesterday. He got the reaction he needed from the audience. He chose the right curses and derogatory Bisayan words that would elicit a reaction. “Is this you?” he would ask, while shoving the paper to the audience’s face. People said “no,” others giggled, there were so many surprising moments in the performance that really added color. One of those was when a teacher opened the classroom window and shouted: “Can you please keep it down?!” A reaction to the hoots and hollers the viewers made while Aaron undaunted, approached Darcy and showed him a paper that said “EMO.” Conceptually, it was a complete performance. I am literally happy about that.

Another notable piece among the performances held on the 2nd day of the 3 day performance series text+body+site, was alpha’s “balloons” performance. it reminded me of miranda july’s sensibility. Although I could also say that it was truly a reflection of alpha’s personality. This often silent student, is a river running deep (to be cliche about it). the piece started with her pricking some of the balloons she hung at each of the poles lining the covered walked. At times, she wouldn’t prick the balloon but rather put them in the blue box she carried. It had a ritualized appeal as audience followed her on the covered path towards the soccer field where one could see three balloons propped on the ground. It was a beautiful sight. Her piece almost made me cry because of its bittersweet nostalgia mood. and it was unpredictable as well. In the last part, I expected that she was going to free the balloons, but then she didn’t, instead she placed them inside her blue box, which was a rather unexpected move, and most of all, very poetic.

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