Why I Like “Kahit Isang Saglit”

Posted: September 27, 2008 in All and Sundry, commentary, Musings

Call me baduy or mababaw but I’ve been obsessing over the latest Asian soap by ABS CBN lately. Every day, I always make sure that I can stay up late enough to catch the show, even when at times I could sense that my eyes are giving up. Entitled “Kahit Isang Saglit,” the TV series stars Filipino actor Jericho Rosales (of the Pangako sa ‘Yo fame) and Malaysian-Chinese actress Carmen Soo.

Unexpectedly, I’m becoming a big fan of Jericho Rosales as the days go by. The team-up between him and Carmen is doing well as I could see chemistry between them that’s honestly absent in the triangle among Claudine, Gabby and Diether in “Iisa Pa Lamang,” another telenovela from ABS CBN.

I have never been a Jericho fan until now. I watched “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” when it was still running here in the Philippines because of Eula Valdez’s character Amor Powers. When I went to Kuala Lumpur a few years ago, I met an Indian Malaysian woman who was gushing to me about a Filipino soap shown on Malaysian TV titled ” A Promise of Love” (or something). I looked at her quizzically and told her that I didn’t know what she was referring to, while she kept describing the lead actor and actress in the soap.

“The lead actress is so beautiful! She had creamy white skin and Castillian features!” She persisted on to telling me that her favorite (of course) was the lead actor. “Very handsome! Oh my god!”

Later, I discovered that she was referring to Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa.

So there, years after that incident, here I am gushing over Jericho Rosales. Initially, I was excited over the TV series “Kahit Isang Saglit” not because of Jericho, but because of the scenes set in Kuala Lumpur scenes. When I saw the trailer, I could recognize some places in KL that made me quite interested to watch the soap. Plus, I’ve always thought Malaysian actresses are beautiful, and wanted to find out if they could act too. 🙂 But when I continued watching the episodes, the characters slowly grew on me, and suddenly I found myself riding on and investing my emotions on the love story between Rocky (Jericho’s character) and Garie (Carmen Soo’s character).

It is just recently that I have noticed Jericho can really act. I’ve always thought that one of the difficult parts to play in a movie is a character who is in love, or falling in love. The burden is on the actor/actress to convince the audience that his/her character is really in love. A few actors in Philippine TV have convinced me these days. One of those is Gabby Concepcion, which is not surprising because he have had practice during those years when he was a part of the Gabby-Sharon love team. Then there is Jericho Rosales, who I think, is really so convincing that he was able to elicit that ever elusive kilig factor in me. These days, I get super kilig every time I watch scenes with Jericho and Carmen together. The plot thickens, the narrative moves forward because of twists and turns, and all I can think about is the major dramatic question of the series: “Will they end up happily ever after?”

I guess I can say that ABS CBN has done it right this time. The soap was directed by the late Gilbert Perez, and was co-produced by Double Vision, a Malaysian film company. Just by the look of the soap, you could really sense that big money was invested in the production, and it was shot like a tele-movie. In fact, news reports say that the high-definition version of soap soon will be released in Malaysia and Singapore (where Jericho and Carmen are popular). I would love to get a DVD copy of this Asian soap soon! J

  1. cafemelrose says:

    I’ve always loved Jericho Rosales in his two movies with Kristine Hermosa — he just emits this emotion that can be readily seen on his face when he delivers his lines.

    It was most notable, especially, in tonight’s episode (10/01/08) when Rocky told Garie he was in love with her. Man, talagang kilig na kilig ako doon. At si Carmen Soo! I can’t forget her. I thought she delivered her lines so well — how she spoke, the movements, the body language — all of that contributed to the scene and helped reach its climax when Rocky confessed.

    As for Pangako Sa ‘Yo, I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch that teleserye — the story was too long to catch up with! lol 🙂 But I did hear that it was real good as well.

  2. reefer says:

    yeah that episode was so memorable. i literally jumped up and shriek sa ka kilig. haha.

    thanks for dropping by.

  3. xeroblast says:

    im filipino but i seldom watch series in the philippines bcoz i find it funny, i mean the acting.
    but no one delivers like jericho. ive seen his “pangako s ‘yo/a promise of love” before and that was good. he is the one of the few filipino actors that can delivers all like the lines, facial expression and body language.
    i just recently seen a few episodes of “kahit isang saglit/a time for us” and i wasn’t looking how the good actors/actresses is but the story/plot and i realized that this is the kind of filipino series worth watching.

    i am into cwtv & nbc series but this is exceptional. i dunno if the acting of jericho is good or their team-up but it is EXCELLENT!

  4. precy says:

    napakaganda ng casting lahat perfect proud akong maging pinoy.next time na pumunta d2 sa italy si jericho sana give us time for autograph naman

  5. Gina says:

    My husband and I just recently subscribed to getting filipino channels and have watched other soaps and those did not live up to our expectations. This show however has gotten us hooked. I have to agree the the storyline is good and the acting is much better. The chemistry between the two lead actors is believable and you end up rooting them on. The acting isn’t forced. The writers really found a way to intertwine the stories of the main characters life experiences to fit with the title of the show.
    The cinematography and editing are done very well. Too bad it only runs for 30 minutes an episode. This show keeps you wanting more. Looking forward to a happily ever after ending for Rocky and Garie.

  6. Ding says:

    It’s nice to watch, it’s perfect chemstry they deliver it so well
    everything match i hope it end up with nice and romantic ends .

  7. cathy says:

    Kahit isnag saglit I could say na magnda sya….I love the chemistry of Jericho and Carmen..nakakakilig sila dlwa…hndi nkakaswa…I always sleep late because of them pero oks lng I’m enjoying watching them..ganda nag story eh hndi nakakainis like others….i hope it will end happily ever after…and more kilig moment hahaha…I love to see Jericho and Carmen together, bagay sila as in……

  8. jam says:

    go! echomen tandem goodchemestry.

  9. Alena says:

    Yes, it’s been quite a while since a really good series has been aired locally. I don’t usually follow the teleseryes because at some point, the plot and situations become incredulous.

    But I have to hand it to ABS-CBN and Double Vision because Kahit Isang Saglit does not make viewers feel stupid. The storyline is very clear and interesting and since it is fast-paced, viewers are hooked.

    I really appreciate the cast because they make you forget they are actors but relate to them as the characters they portray. Jericho has always been a sensitive actor, devoid of the showbiz aura thus making him very credible. Carmen is such a delightful surprise.

    While the series will not run for many, many months unlike others that they keep extending until it becomes unbelievable, I hope another venture will be made with the same exceptional quality.

  10. elsa la valle says:

    Ang galing-galing talaga ni echo, whoever his partner is favorite ko pa rin siya. Ang galing nilang dalawa ni Garie

    Thank you ABS CBN for this show. I want to see more shows of Jesricho…….. probably with Kristine Hermosa.

  11. elsa la valle says:

    Rocky and Carmen are both good actor and actress? Bagay sila and the story is good.

  12. Maria Critina Amodia says:

    ABS CBN, we want another telserye after tis kahit isang saglit. A movie also kung puede, ang ganda tingnan nina Echo and Caremen. Bagay na bagay silang dalawa.

    Sana ay manligaw si echo kay carmen sa toto-ong buhay.
    Nakakakilig silang tingnan dalawa.

  13. ssecert says:

    i agree to all of you!!!… ang ganda tlaga ng KIS…ang ganda lahat!!! at ganda ng casting,music,spot,,,or in short almost perfect!!!pati na rin ung acting ni echo!!!wow!!!yung emotion nya,at ung pagkadeliver ng mga lines nya!!ganda tlaga!!!pati na rin c carmen.. no wonder why she is a superstar in malaysia!!!

  14. carol says:

    this soap was very nice, you can see very nice countries, places,,, you will fall in love with it… carmen sooo act sooo natural.keep it up guys..

  15. hitokirihoshi says:

    well i think Jericho’s real asset among actors in local showbiz is he can really act. no hype, just a talent….

  16. ….ive been watching “khit isang sglit” every nyt
    ..it was really nice and their loveteam with carmen soo
    ..a k a garrey(a k a me)hahhhahahjuk lang poh
    …but actually i really appreciate the way they act together
    …nkakaloka xah

  17. ..hmmp,,,,i really like the movie
    ….and so with carmen soo and echo..
    …i hate alona hahhahhahha l o l XD

  18. mick says:

    3 weeks nalang at makakatulog na ako ng maaga..
    just heard from the buzz na may love triagle sila ni echo, carmen at kristine hermosa!

  19. treber says:

    naman! wala man lng ngcomment! puro mgganda lht, wala bng panget!

    pero anyway, mganda nga ehehehe..iba tlga abs cbn gmwa ng

    d ako nannonood ng teleserye pero this time, Ayus. tagal ko rn hnde kinilig ehem.

    regards sa nanonood

  20. treber says:

    naman! wala man lng ngcomment! puro mgganda lht, wala bng panget!

    pero anyway, mganda nga ehehehe..iba tlga abs cbn gmwa ng

    d ako nannonood ng teleserye pero this time, Ayus. tagal ko rn hnde kinilig ehem.

    regards sa nanonood

  21. romar says:

    the best talaga teleseryeng ito sana ma extend pa wish ko lang,,.. idol echo tingin ko sana gawa ka pa ng episodes mo…,, more power

  22. chreestee says:

    I would like to congratulate the people behind this excellent teleserye … all actors and actresses gave justice to their roles but of exemplary performance is Echo. He is such an excellent actor, one of the best. The award-giving body should see Jericho’s God-given talents and abilities. I also admire Carmen Soo for her very good acting. Their chemistry is wonderful. Kahit Isang Saglit is a project of ABS-CBN that they could really be proud of. Hats off to the directors!

  23. michelle says:

    I’m happy you’re back dear Echo. I know you have a good heart … and our God sees that! Don’t be affected by the crab mentality of some … you know who you are, and above all you are a child of God! More power to you … more and more projects too! You are an excellent actor!!!

  24. Chichay says:

    Hi to all of you fans of KIS.My husband and I have TFC/GMA but we don’t follow any of the teleseries because after a few episodes,all(at least those popular ones that we tried to watch)became so annoying…that is until we discovered Kahit Isang Saglit,boy are we hooked!We find balance and believable acting in this teleseries.The others are either too fantastical or too much bickering and meanness.Im happy to discover that people around the world have noticed how good this teleseries is.We can’t wait until the whole series is available on DVD so we can watch the earlier episodes that we missed.

  25. nathan says:

    I’m a TFC subscriber from the U.S. east coast, and what has really driven me to join this forum is the impact that trembled my mental and emotional state. I just realized that there’s no better way to alleviate this disturbance I’m experiencing than to be part of this forum…..I am honestly so addicted to this VERY WELL CREATED teleserye “Kahit Isang Saglit”!!! I may sound exaggerated but I am really soooo into this show………I don’t care about the TV ratings demonstrating the struggling standing of this show, I don’t know how they conduct the survey, I just think that it’s unreliable and incompetent to represent the general opinion of the Filipino viewers at large…I don’t care what they say about the preference of the so-called Mega manila, I just don’t get it…..haven’t they gone through every region/province/town? With that I’m doubtful! You can hardly find forums of those shows from the rival network which they say are doing good and taking the top spots for being the most viewed shows of unknown and insignificant number of respondents. That alone tells everyone that there’s nothing much to talk about such teleseryes, I guess it’s because of poor substance…..I am not a fanatic of teleseryes but “K.I.S” just awakened my consciousness since it’s pilot episode…..You just can’t let another day passes by without engaging in a 30-minute show. Characters – Jericho’s comeback was a blast! His acting skill is undeniably SUPERB! He never wasted a single scene, he made it so REAL, from the simplest to the most intense scenes, he executed his acting in a very distinct way! We’ve seen “kilig, gunshooting, death, grief scenes in so many shows but there’s really something in his eyes, gestures, facial expressions and voice projection that will definitely make you say that Jericho is an intelligent, brilliant and very fine actor, for he never fails to capture your senses! There are not so many actors in the soap, but they made both old and new actors to blend effectively, some still exhibits raw acting but being able to work with the very good ones, you can see the significant progress in their performance each week. Some have only stayed on screen for just a short period of time but they have delivered their roles successfully…they picked up the right people for the soap…Story – the story is concrete, unidirectional, it doesn’t deviate to anywhere else, it sticks to the very core plot of the soap. It’s simply well directed, but most of all, it carries a very wonderful story! It has the right amount of action/revenge, sad/happy and ‘kilig’ moments. You won’t get exhausted or emotionally drained but will keep you thrilled, excited and stimulated each day, making you so anxious of what’s gonna happen next. The dialogues, the words are fantastic! From the places they chose to shoot, to how the camera moves and where it focuses, it was excellent. I may not know much about the technical side of a show, such as cinematography/screenplay and others but whatever it is, surely, they did a splendid job!…….I have never been so mentally and emotionally involved with any other shows before except this one…I just love everything about this teleserye, I’m impressed. I can’t keep my focus on the road everytime I drive to work in the morning, making me wonder about the forthcoming events. I need to say all these things because this will somehow help me discharge everything I feel about this very wonderful show. I also represent and speak for my friends and relatives here in america who are very much entertained. Even an 87 year old lola would stay up late just to catch up with the episodes. I know for sure that this soap is really touching the hearts of many. I am just an average viewer, not a critic by profession, who just wanna share how much I appreciate Kahit Isang Saglit. To the people behind this teleserye, saludo po kami!

  26. Josie says:

    ..hope ko lang na sana nababasa ang mga comment dito ng abs-cbn para iparating sa kina Jericho and to all the actors..specially Carmen Soo,considering she is from Malaysia at na-appreciate ng ating kababayang pilipino ang kanyang pag-arte..bagay nga si Echo at carmen..hindi na rin ako makatulog at hinihintay ko na ang monday…magaling magpaiyak si Carmen Soo ah !!! grabe ….sayang nga lang at malapit ng matapos..nallulungkot ako..sana may kasunod agad,para hindi magkalimutan..bakit hindi sila i-featured sa “Your Song” or MMK..or Sharon..para mag-stay na sa pilipinas si Carmen Soo..sana may mag-adopt kay Carmen para pabalik-balik na lang siya ng pinas…tagalog ang isinulat ko kasi nasa tabi ko ang mga anak ko..para hindi nila maintindihan…first time kong ginagawa ito dahil dito sa Kahit Isang Saglit…well fan na ako ni Jericho mula pa ng nag-umpisa siya..remember Kung Kailangan mo Ako…that time makikita mo na ang galing niya sa pag-arte…Echo and Carmen will be the new love team of ABS-CBN..why not di ba!! or sila na ang magkatuluyan…it’s time for Echo to be happy about love…Congratulations !!! sa KIS…the best ever…

  27. garie_Echizen03 says:

    for you nathan,

    AGB Philippines have 1000 AGB METERS in 1000 household


    400 Household in Mega Manila as they say…..

    well, even the company says that the survey is not accurate..

  28. maja says:

    I work and live here in the US for almost 25 years now and I haven’t been interested in any teleserye before even though I have subscription to TFC for quite sometime now. In fact, minsan nga feeling ko sayang lang kasi hindi ko napapanood.

    But I started watching teleserye sometime 2nd quarter of this year. I would DVR and watch them when I get home at night. I started to get hooked because of the now-concluded teleserye of Claudine and Gabby. For a while it’s the greatest. Then came Kahit Isang Saglit — and nothing can compare.

    The combination of Carmen Soo and Jericho Rosales is a match made in heaven. Carmen and Jericho are so good that they can convey feelings and emotions without much effort.

    I am now a big fan of theirs, especially of Jericho. (Honestly, I haven’t see a single movie of his before until I rented his Pacquiao movie two weeks ago and I am looking for more. He is a very good actor and I just hope that the movie industry locally can see this.

    I am now a big fan of his. In fact, I already asked my brother in the Philippines to buy me the DVD of Kahit Isang Saglit. I can watch it over and over.

    And I would like to see a movie of both Jericho and Carmen.

    I haven’t erased some of the episodes that I have recorded because I watch them over and over again — especially that scene at the hotel waiting for the “check” from the client. Then came Garie, so beautiful and unaffected, unaware of Rocky’s presence, while appreciating the beauty of the flowers. Rocky’s look says it all. This, for me, is very classic. Kudos to the technical team too. They captured it.

    I have other classic moments but I’ll just wait for the DVD to come out so I can have access to the entire series.

    Jericho – Mabuhay ka. Ang galing mo. Hindi ka lang magaling sa action pero sa love scenes din. And, nakakahiya mang aminin, coming from a 56-year old, kilig na kilig ako sa mga scenes niyo ni Carmen.

  29. ary.0o8 says:

    “precy” … from italy k rn?? would u believe i hav his autograph when he went hir.. actually i’ve already seen him twice hir in rome… but… i only got his au2graph last oct. 5 at d bakstage.. at my bday.. then about dis teleserie…
    hel.. finale is coming n.. 4 days left nlng… haayys.. but anyway, know wat guys… from d first day it was aired.. until now.. i’ve never missed any episodes… wen der r tyms i miss to catch it at tfc.. thanks to those pipol who upload it in pnoychannel or utube… i watch it onlyn… everyday, i get hooked…

    d st2ry is full of twists.. dat makes me addicted to it.. i’m always curious about wat myt happen.. not being so exagerated… but at schooL.. sometimes i loose my concentrations because of this.. coz it’s really one of d bez series i’ve ever watched… everything is in order.. d sequences are well aranged.. d plot is so clear.. i see nothing negative in it.. and lyk wat ader kisers says, it’s a kind of fast-paced series.. so… there’s nothin 2 be bored of.. ma.miss m lng ang 1 day, it’s already a big lost…

    beside its gud production and direction, i must say.. dis is also because.. d directors and producers chose perfect actors/resses for d scene.. especially jericho rosales and carmen soo… well..i’ve always been jericho’s fan since i was young.. since he was still paired with angelica della cruz… he’s really a very good actor.. and good at delievering his lines.. plus… his “handsome” factor.. i lyk him too when he sings.. hehe.. infact.. wen i met him personally.. damn.. ang wafu tLga.. as in.. den carmen soo.. she amazes me too… at first i admit i wasn’t.. she’s juz lyk a typical filipina.. but later on.. while i keep on watching k.i.s i realized.. i’m slwly becoming carmen’s fan and “echomen”… she’s surprising.. i’ve never thought she’s dat great..she’s so good pla.. she’s so charming dat she captivates filipino’s hearts… she seems so friendly and intelligent… ang gLng nia tlga.. lyk echo at delievering her lines.. even those words in tagalog.. she delievers dem well.. taz.. have u watched her?? singing with echo kis? damn so amazing,, more blessings.. and i wish more projects together to come for both of dem..

    i also doubt about d surveys.. abscbn rival network always claims dat dey’re d bez… but everytime i read forums.. i see more of kapamilyas praising dem for deir great works…

    P.S.. I used to be echo-tiners before… but now.. i guess… i’ve become a “carecho” or “echomen” or “carmen rosales”(lyk wat echo told in their interview on d buzz).. kkaKiLig cLa weh.. hehe

  30. Marco says:

    COngrats to AbS-CBN!

  31. Josie says:

    …to Maja

    sana we can get in touch with Jericho para sabihin sa kanya kung gaano siya kagaling sa pag-arte..jericho is really a good actor,kahit sinong kapareha niya..may kilig classic din ako dito sa KIS…nung surprise na sabihin ni Garie… “my boyfriend”..sus ang galing…well i am 42 years old pero kilig pa rin ako…bibigyan kita ng link para mapanood mo over and over again…here it is :


    let me know if you like it…

    take care everyone..keep watching KIS ..

  32. Josie says:

    …everybody can open the link…enjoy it..

  33. Josie says:

    ..to ary.0o8 ..

    ECHOMEN na rin ako…napanood mo na ba ‘yung latest ng MMK? with Jericho and Kristine…I am sorry , pero hindi ko na maramdaman ang kilig..mas kinikilig ako dito kay Carmen at Jericho…..sorry sa mga ECHOTIN…paborito ko rin sila..ipinaglalaban ko rin sila pero hindi ko na-feel …

  34. ary.0o8 says:

    ehm.. yup.. i’ve watched it… peo same hiir, d kew n feeL un chemistry nla as much as when i used to be 1 of echotin fans..heheh… 🙂 i juz w0nder lng pla… i always browse every KIS forums, and lht positive nmn feedback about it.. even d2 s rome i always hear about it, bKT in d phIl? ang baba ratings nia??

  35. Josie says:

    ..baka GMA lang ang nag-su-survey.para nga naman laging panalo ang programa nila..kung napapanood mo lang ang mga program ng GMA..ay naku…dry ang mga stories..
    anyway ..take care ary..keep watching KIS..kinakabahan ako sa tuwing nanonood ako,pati sikmura ko nanginginig..ewan ko ba, masyado akong na-touch dito sa k’wentong ito…never happen to me before…

    Merry Christmas..

  36. ary.0o8 says:

    hehehe,,,:)) hmpf.. i dont watch gma shows.. d kew ksi 3p weh.., ehehe., yeahh iL kip watchin it.. akew p.. ehehe… advanz meri xmas too!

  37. Gibbard says:

    Satu persembahan kegemilangan! =P Ano’ng nangyari sa ending? huhuhu. I missed it talaga.

  38. velessa says:

    i must say the best Filipino soap opera ever. i dont usually watch Filipino soap opera beacsue of kabaduyan and alang kakwentahan. but with this one.. haha.. superb.. i watch it almost everyday. but to my dismay i slept the night the final episode was aired. so sad… does anyone know what happened? i cant view youtube in the office. sadder…

  39. ary.0o8 says:

    hmm.. here’s d url.. so u could watch.. if ever u still haven’t watched it…


  40. velessa says:

    wow.. thanks a lot!

  41. nanette jastive says:

    I Just want to congratulate ABS-CBN for the “BEST TELESERYE EVER” this is a Masterpiece, I will definetely buy the DVD, I will never get tired of watching it again & again…the love team of Echo & Carmen is so perfect and to all the cast especially Albert Martinez who portrayed the role of “Tatay” so good….to all of you in KIS you all deserved a standing ovation…I hope there will be a KIS PART 2.

  42. kiko says:

    got my dvds na & i’m watching it right now..kinikilig pa rin ako kahit ilang beses ko na napanuod.lol. i love carmen soo!

  43. Anna Rose says:

    Notwithstanding the fact that KIS is the best crafted Soap I have ever watched, Jericho Rosales’ genius as a ‘thinking actor’ is well borned out here in his role as Rocky. His partnership with the glorious Carmen Soo is indeed a match made in heaven. Both actors have an extraordinary presence and their chemistry is beyond anything I have seen on screen. In short, KIS is a ‘not to be missed’ teleseries!

  44. Cristino Anasco says:

    I’ve been living in Canada for more than 30 years now and haven’t
    been backhome for almost 20 years now since I came to visit in 1992.
    My roomate rent this television series dvd ‘ Kahit Isang Saglit’ which at the beginning I thought would be just another love story,filipino style but when I started watching it on daily basis I started to love
    it,the story is getting better and more interesting and I don’t know
    much about Jericho Rosales neither Carmen Soo but I would give Jericho
    and Carmen much credit, their acting is excellent and very natural and
    so the rest of the casts. I stirred up my emotions specially the love
    story between Jericho and Carmen and the obstacles they are facing
    from Alona, Popong(grandmother) and from Christopher De Leon. This is
    an excellent tv series, worth watching and I would say the that the
    Philippine movie/tv industry has improved so much in the past decades.
    Everytime I watch Kahit Isang Saglit episoded I feel like I’m watching
    a ‘Hollywood’ film.
    Carmen Soo is no doubt very pretty, she reminds me of a younger
    Vilma Santos in the 70’s,perfect acting, interesting personality(hindi nakakasawa) and excellect emotions.As for Jericho Rosales, he has this macho and strong personality image, his facial expression is superb
    you can relate to his emotions and feelings, he is not the super guwapo type like Richard Gutierrez but he has charisma that grows on
    you as you watch him on the screen, the more you watch him the more
    you like him as an actor.The Jericho and Carmen loveteam has created
    some kind of chemistry never seen before for a long time, I as a
    viewer can symphatize with their emotions, difficulties and pain as
    if I’m watching a real life story not movie.
    Thank you.

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