My portrait by Davao’s veteran photojournalist Rene Lumawag

Posted: August 31, 2008 in current events

© rene lumawag 2008

When I arrived at the MindaNews office yesterday afternoon, everybody were kinda shocked with my new haircut. Most of the comments were positive as they all liked how I looked. It just so happened that Davao’s veteran photojournalist Tatang Rene Lumawag (father of my friend and MindaNews photo editor the late Gene Boyd Lumawag) was around and when he saw me, he excitedly asked if he could take my portrait. Of course, I immediately agreed. It’s not everyday that someone like him (and his legendary stature) would jump to take my picture. He told me that the shots he took were just “test shots” and that perhaps we can do a formal shoot in the near future. “with nature as backdrop perhaps?” he said. That got me really interested. But even with the present shots he took in the MindaNews office, using available light, I am still grateful. I could see that it really makes a difference if a portrait as candid as this one is taken by a professional or an amateur. It’s not the camera, it’s always the photographer. 🙂

  1. kiday says:

    pepa kaayo! now you gained my respect

  2. reefer says:

    haha. salamat kiday.

  3. Lemuel Asibal says:

    hi claire! wow! you look so fabulous here–the look that could transform a gay into a “man” …tsar! 😀 hahaha!

    we miss you 😉

  4. stickslip says:

    siyet claire. bagay sa iyo ang gagong gupit mo.

  5. reefer says:

    salamat po. hahaha

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