Oh Happy Days!

Posted: July 22, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings

I don’t usually blog about my achievements but this one just can’t sit. I’m about to implode. Pang-one time lang. Humor me…

Yeah, it’s hard to be in the middle of the street, in a fork road, waiting for the bus to arrive, and anticipating whether it will hit you or just zoom past you. Almost a month of insomnia and anxiety, and then finally I got the news. Handed to me by our landlady in a huge envelope. It was a good thing that I decided to go home early because I was nursing a cold and slight fever. At first, I thought it was a rejection letter so I told Nino and Tim that I’d open it in my room so they won’t see me cry. But on my way up the stairs, I got to read the first few lines of the cover letter, and settled my eyes on the word “congratulations.” That’s when I ran down and just spaced out then after a few seconds let out a shy scream almost like a whimper.

So this is the sign. I’m finally going on a further studies. It’s really serious. It’s slowly dawning on me that I’m going on the biggest challenge in my life so far.

Thanks so much to everyone who believed in me. *hugs*

  1. CEEGEE says:

    CONGRATS!!! Good Job!

  2. stickslip says:

    So, have you decided where to go?

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