Dancing Amidst Bombs

Posted: July 12, 2008 in All and Sundry

During a recent bombing in Nabunturan, two teenagers whom my sister Rose met in a contemporary dance workshop died. One female dancer sustained injuries that might leave her disabled. Some say the doctors would have to amputate her leg soon. For a dancer, this is the most terrifying news to hear. In dance, you move with your feet and legs. Your legs allow you to travel across space, to jump, to twirl, to form an arch. So if you lose both legs, or even one of them, you’ll lose balance. Even the idea of having one toe cut off from your feet is still horrible news. A toe makes so much difference.

Losing lives is also another matter. I recall Rose telling me that one of the dancers who died had potential to become a “good” dancer, if she were given time to improve her fundamentals. Most of these dancers she taught came from poor families who couldn’t afford formal training in an expensive ballet or jazz school. What drives them to dance is passion, pure unadulterated passion to create art out of movement.

It is sad to find out that just like that we lose people as collateral damage of “petty” wars between interest groups who have no regard for the lives they have taken in the name of a “cause.” Reports have stated that the bombing was a result of a current, ongoing conflict between the NPA and the govt. military deployed in the area. Perhaps an effect of the President’s declaration of all-out defensive against “terrorists” in Mindanao?

I am aware that “war” is a very delicate matter to discuss in a way that we have to peel the layers of complex interstices of geopolitics, economics, and even history. That is not my purpose here. The clearest comment I can say is that while there “might” be justifications in behalf of declaring war, I don’t agree that people (those who are often caught in the crossfire) have to live with fear all the time. It is maddening enough.

And to lose artists is misery enough too.

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