Mindanawon Fellow to the Iowa International Writers Program

Posted: July 7, 2008 in All and Sundry

Good news from the homefront (at lease I’d like t o believe). Mindanao is sending a fellow to the Iowa International Writers Program. Finally, somebody from this side of the Philippine Literary Universe. It has been such a long, long time.

Congratulations Teng Manangsakan! Read his entry here. It’s exciting to find out what kind of work he’ll churn out from there. 🙂

This gives me enough energy to believe (again) that anything is possible once you set out to achieve what you want to achieve and then ask the RIGHT questions to the universe. Grace isn’t something you should refuse.

(Anybody deserves a seat for instance in the Iowa workshop, not just the ones from the Literary hegemonic circle, who as a little birdie told me immediately raised their eyebrows upon hearing the news about Teng’s acceptance. Politics of representation and market forces surrounding literary production aside, I think those reactions are too petty. We all have our own time under the sun my dears.)

Let things unfold… Shanti.

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