Mebuyan My New Toy

Posted: July 4, 2008 in All and Sundry

my new toy isn’t as sleek as a macbook but it isn’t expensive. plus it got huge memory, huge space for my multimedia files, huge everything. i’m worried that my desktop is “mad” at me now that i don’t use it even when i’m home. now, it looks so lonely in the sala.

last week, when i woke up the day after i got my new toy, i immediately sat in front of my desktop, and completely forgot about my laptop. i was so used to working with a big monitor. (lol) anyway, after a few minutes i realized that i do have a new toy waiting for me in my room. my friend told me to “own” my toy. one step to do this, according to him, is to name it. so here goes, i’m naming my toy “Mebuyan.” at first it was Lilith but then i realized i needed a Mindanawon goddess, so I named it Mebuyan.

Meet Mebuyan my new toy. I love it. (Yeah, yeah, I’m such a geek.)

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