MEGAPoem, Soon!

Posted: June 17, 2008 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, poetry, Uncategorized

i tried creating animated powerpoint presentation for this (just to experiment on interactivity using office tools). unfortunately, wordpress does not allow me to embed powerpoint docs in my entry. boohoo. anyway, since the conversion from ppt. to video format is on the way, just get a preview of the small thing i made here. or click on the image.

and yeah, does convert ppt to flash formats but it’s so unfortunate that it is not affiliated with wordpress so i can’t share it here. curiously, it does support multiply and blogger so i was able to post the file there with just a click on the share button. the best thing about it (sana) is that it retains all the aspects of your ppt presentation when it’s converted to flash. yeah, call me old school but i wanted the action buttons to appear as they are and functioning as they should be, so i could click on them.

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