Notes on the side: “The concerns of being 30 something living with credit”

Posted: June 15, 2008 in All and Sundry

My friend Bobby, a certified economics whiz kid who at present is single-handedly heading a big NGO, recently gave me directions on how to repair credit by establishing a good credit history. We were talking about how far we have gone as regular members of the ever increasing “young” 30-something workforce of the country; slowly transforming into what they call “up and mobile” professionals with just enough purchasing power. “Enough money to buy a palm pilot?” I asked. Bobby laughed out loud. “You can look at it that way…”

One of the indicators he noted was basically us owning credit cards. He mentioned that before, he could not imagine having those little plastic thingies. Now, those little plastic thingies are what he can depend on. “Although, the challenge still is be able to really control your spending habits and live within your means,” he said.

The challenge really is to establish good credit history. (Aaah). There are people I know who often wonder why they never got approved for a car loan, or a computer loan. I often tell them, always with an amount of humility of course, that it’s probably because they live with bad credit so if that’s happening, then perhaps it is time to think of bad credit repair. Personally, this is one of the things that frightens me most–to drown in bad credit. But after talking to Bobby who directed me to books and websites that offer credit repair services, I became a bit relaxed. “You just read these informative sites, you won’t lose anything in the process baya..” he urged.
Presently, I am in the process of checking if my credit needs repair or not. While I am confident that I can pay my credit card bills regularly, it’s always good to be prepared all the time, and really be be able to anticipate your financial state. That is among the many words of wisdom my friend Bobby offered to me on one of those rainy nights in Katipunan late May.

At the risk of sounding corny, those things I really took to heart.

  1. Ady001 says:

    It’s better to pay in a lump sum than wallow in debt though. Paying in arrears needs planning and a good sum of money to do.

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