Notes on the Side: “Chance Meetings and Flying Gifts”

Posted: June 1, 2008 in Notes on the Side
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When we landed in the Davao Airport last week (after staying for two days or so in Metro Manila), I was surprised to hear John and I heaving a sigh of relief. I’ve never felt so happy to see less overcrowded streets and rundown buildings. That afternoon, the air in Davao was seemingly less toxic than it normally is perhaps in contrast to the smug of urbanity offered by MM. But lest you accuse of me being prejudice, there were also a lot of good things that we experienced while there.

One of those things was of course, accidentally meeting the poet Joel Toledo in Mag.Net. (I don’t have to say he’s a multi-awarded writer right? Everybody knows that. 🙂 ). But for me, at least for that night, Joel was and still is the Joel I met more than a decade ago in Dumaguete during the Writer’s Workshop where he was a fellow in Fiction and I was an auditor enrolled in a CW class under Ma’am Edith. Yes, he never changed despite the fact that I didn’t recognize him at first. He is still down-to-earth as I remembered him to be. The only thing I do recall vividly was playing billiards with him in Dumaguete. (I wonder why.)

(I’ll blog about his artist talk in Green Papaya next time as this isn’t the right entry for it. *Wink*)

Anyway, so that was a serendipitous night. I never really thought of going to Mag.Net because I was too anxious and exhausted to be literary. But John encouraged me. I discovered that place through writers’ blogs actually. I tell you, blogs are proving to be good promotional tools. (LOL) Everytime I surf the Web, I get to see various individuals selling promotional products of their events. I wonder why Happy Mondays (is that what it is called?) isn’t doing that. I’m not kidding, it’s actually one good way of monetizing your activities. Say come up with promotional items like a Happy Mondays shirt or a Happy Mondays cd. They can do that by posting teasers on their blogs or just a short podcast (a one-minuter) if they like and the next thing they know people will flock to that event. Including those coming from the other provinces outside Manila.

Think of us. We really went out of our way to find out what kind of poetry reading Happy Mondays has to offer.

Items aren’t required to look like corporate gifts though. That’s another thing.

Speaking of corporate gifts, I wonder what’s happening with the airline we chose. I notice that it’s running out of marketing gimiks already. It still has the usual in-flight games but the corporate gifts aren’t as fantastic and desirable as they used to be. Unlike before when I did like joining in the Q&A because I wanted to win a cute mug, now every time I hear the flight attendant starting the game, I can readily decide to just sleep. Who wants a plastic blow-up airplane anyway?

But that’s just me. The good thing though is that most flights I’ve been on with this airline always felt safe. I never experienced more than one anxiety attack. Plus, landing in Davao last week was smoother than usual. No sudden bumps. And yes, the flight attendants were very friendly and accommodating. I wonder how it is with international flights though….

Something to find out, eh?

  1. ramblingsoul says:

    hi claire. great to see you again, too. 🙂 we should have played billiards in manila pala. haha! 🙂 anyway, was it someone in green papaya who joked about you and sir sawi? wasak.

  2. reefer says:

    yeah yeah. billiards!

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