On New Media Poetry

Posted: May 30, 2008 in All and Sundry
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Just recently, I went to a poetry reading cum artist talk in one of the cool galleries or alternative creative spaces in Quezon City, and I got the chance to finally meet one of the poets most of our students in UPMin are so in love with. They call him renegade poet artist for the “cool” poems he wrote and for being so accessible unlike the oldies (that is according to some of my students). I have read his works before and I honestly can’t say anything here much because I’m not an established literary critic, but I found his most recent book quite interesting because it was very conceptual. That made me curious enough to wonder how his mind works.

Being so far away from the center of the Philippines, ergo the center of Philippine literati, I couldn’t care less about the politics I often hear about when I visit Manila. Besides, I have never considered myself as literati. LOL. What I am amazed about is the fact that there are people who really have the energy to push the envelop of what is considered literary in the Philippines’ hegemonic literary circle. (Sorry have to insert that word.) And what is more impressive is that these youngsters get a away with it with flying colors, hence my salute.

Anyway, one of the interesting observations that young renegade poet/artist mentioned during our drunken conversation is that some creative writers/poets who always talk about doing pieces that utilize New Media often produce works that don’t necessarily utilize New Media tools at its fullest. They still treat say, a website, like a book, where words are printed not on paper but in a webpage. According to him, that isn’t New Media at all.

I almost wanted to laugh out loud but I couldn’t because I was afraid he might think I’m crazy. So I nodded vigorously instead. This is something I have been particularly interested in for the past years, I told him. The idea of utilizing and really maximizing interactivity in e-publishing is something I have always wanted to discuss with writers hereabouts. But most of the writers I know here, are still too allergic with technology. What would be interesting to do, I told the renegade poet, is too really be able to create an interactive art piece out of a text (say a poem) that can be accessed online. Words move. Spaces are explored. The materiality of a poem problematized, etc. etc.

Yes, I agree. It is quite interesting to note that some writers often claim that they do dabble with New Media in creating their works only for us to find out that they haven’t truly maximized New Media tools really. A blog allows a certain level of interactivity but that is just the tip of the iceberg (to be cliche about it).

Anyway, I would have wanted to discuss this topic more with the renegade young poet from Manila, but it was getting very late and I felt a bit guilty for taking up his time. I wanted to tell him how I’m truly truly interested in doing something with New Media but then again, we’ve only met that night. Perhaps in the future when he is also capable of doing New Media as he confessed that he’s not really good at it as of the moment.

But hey, anything conceptual is something interesting for me. Good luck to you renegade poet. Looking forward to seeing more of performance poetry (the real kind) in the future.

  1. GiNoLoCo says:

    I wonder who that poet is. I assume it’s Angelo Suarez. (*both hands on mouth trying to suppress an urge to laugh).

    Do give me A Beep : euclid_polis@yahoo.com

    Feel Free To Erase This Comment.

    chuckles and giggles,

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