Burma Needs Aid Now

Posted: May 9, 2008 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events, Musings
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Nothing can convince me enough to understand why a country such as Myanmar or Burma decides to remain cloistered after being ravaged by a monstrous cyclone that killed almost 100,000 people. The junta as the latest reports say have continuously refused to receive aid from foreign countries particularly the US for the past days. Until just recently, perhaps because of international pressure and more importantly because of the realities of dead bodies, the junta has decided to receive aid but still with limitations. Up til now, aid has trickled in the country, without the proper measures to ensure specific and appropriate process of giving aid to disaster-ridden areas. Mizzima press for instance reports that “hungry survivors” of the typhoon have “scared off aid workers.” The reality is that until now, it is not clear if the junta has already granted visas to aid workers. With the death toll rising everyday, it is incomprehensible for me to believe that there are leaders who would allow their citizens to die of starvation and disease caused by natural disasters, or even by war. Yet it is still even more unclear if foreign press reports are exact to this day considering that the junta has limited if not, has disallowed journalists to go into their country and report on facts gathered. What is clear to me though is that I am pretty sure that the situation is graver than what is reported outside.

I wonder how things will play out in the succeeding days. Although “play” is not the politically correct word considering that we are dealing with lives here. But clearly, Burma’s junta is not solely at fault here. I even take the position of the US and other countries long involved in the political struggle of Burma, with a grain of salt. Of course, they all have their interest at bay even in the guise of aid. But still, we can’t toy with lives here. These are lives we are dealing with people! Hundreds and thousands of them!

Please allow help.

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