Notes on the Side: Waffle Babbles

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Notes on the Side
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waffle, waffle toil and trouble, flour and couldron babble

Whenever I find mysel roaming around SM City Davao, I always make my way to the nearest waffle stall somewhere near Brat Pack. Oftentimes, I end up buying cheese waffle or tuna waffle to keep me full while window shopping. But what I really usually do when I’m by that stall is stare at how the waffles are made using the waffle maker.

I’m fascinated at how a small appliance such as a waffle maker can form interesting snack food out of flour and eggs. I’m even amazed at the entire process– you just pour the mixture into the waffle maker, then press it close , and afer a few seconds, you already have a waffle.  

Interesting, isn’t it. It’s like playing with toys. A waffle maker is the toy and you mold flour with it to come up with another toy. Brings out the childlike wonder in me. Peter pan syndrome galore.

Imagine having a waffle maker at home and being able to make waffle for breakfast every day! That would be fun. *wink*


  1. patrickN6 says: is awesome check it out. launching end of this month!!!

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