Notes on the Side: On Invitations

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Notes on the Side
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For those who are interested in carving a path in the realm of events organizing, invitations are important peripherals to really carefully conceptualize aside from the actual party/event itself. An invitation offers your possible or future guest the first impression. In fact, sometimes the invitation can be the “make or break” factor. Here’s what an events organizer friend shared to me about making invitations for events, particularly corporate parties:

“Whenever I plan a corporate party or a social event, I take time to carefully choose my invitations. Invitations are made and sent to wow your guests. They should be frame worthy and something that will always be a tangible reminder of your perfect day. The most recent development in corporate invitations and unique invitations involves high-concept customizing that reflects the party’s theme as well as the personality of the party-giver or guest of honor. Using bold theme colors, “branding” the invitations with custom monograms and logos, and using designer styles and papers are just some of the ways I choose one of a kind stationery for my events.”

Always as I have mentioned above, invitations make or break your party. For my part, I always gravitate towards unique and conceptual invitations that aren’t cluttered design-wise and that also function as souvenirs. Being a curio item collector, invitations that call my attention always work for me. I usually end up going to the event because of the cute invites. Otherwise, if I don’t get to go, I usually tell other people how I regretted not having gone to an event that was surely one-of-a-kind.

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