Notes on the Side: “Wishing”

Posted: April 28, 2008 in All and Sundry

So here I am, still wishing to go on a cheap holiday with friends despite the fact that I was able to travel the past weekends. The thing is, the last two bus trips I had were all because of work– a workshop I had to facilitate here and there, a case study to write, there was not much room for gallivanting , really.  So  like most people, especially Nth who is constantly wishing in his blog to go on a trip to the beach, I am also dreaming of a last minute holiday before crunch time begins.

I say last minute because April is coming to an end, hence May is nearing, which will definitely be a fully-packed “I’m scared I might drown in preparations” kind of month for me. June is definitely start of classes in UPMin. So that leaves me with a few in-between days. Gag! Not that I am not a lover of in-betweens.

And I still haven’t gotten my Siargao vacation.  Someone please offer me an all inclusive holiday trip! I’m willing to clean your floors after. (Desperation is the key to success. Kidding!)

Unlike most European and/or American travelers, Filipinos like me don’t really have the luxury to just plan a holiday outside the country, with only the purportedly “reliable” lonely planet as a guide. Yes, reality bites. I just have to swallow everything it offers. Deal with it, and move on.  So there, I’m still planning (forever planning) for a backpacking trip this summer. Not necessarily out of the country, but maybe within Mindanao. I’m sure there are a lot of undiscovered places around. Plus, there’s still my Siargao trip. Sigh indeed.

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