Travel Insights

Posted: April 23, 2008 in All and Sundry

Long bus rides like the one I just survived yesterday (Pagadian to CDO was a total of 5.5 hours, and CDO to Davao was more or less 7 hours), would be more enjoyable if you have someone with you, a companion, so you could explore stopovers together. 🙂 Otherwise, you won’t have anyone to discuss realizations and observations with, and no one will watch your bags every time you’d go down to pee during stopovers. (Laugh out loud!) Meantime, I still enjoy traveling alone in a weird way. The long bus rides allow me to ruminate over past experiences, change paradigms, and even think of strategies for future plans. Most of the time, I enjoy the eureka moments sceneries provide me.

But yesterday, I realized that sometimes one grows tired of traveling alone. Sometimes you do wish you are surrounded with people who can just up and leave, the same way I always wish that I can just up and leave. I cherish my impulsive nature even though some would consider it destructive. My present reality offers me people who are rooted, not because they chose to but because circumstances have kept them that way, people who can’t imagine just packing their backpacks, “what the heck, i’ll go with you,” and go on a long bus trip. There’s always a hesitation here and there. Such creatures of comfort. It’s tiring.

Sometimes, we need a bit of randomness in our lives.

  1. itsmeela says:

    I wish I can do that sometimes..the “up and leave” thingy..i know i can do that if i want to but maybe I should just have to have the guts for it. 🙂

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