it arrived! (a belated birthday post)

Posted: March 26, 2008 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, dance
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cunninghma2.jpgfor the past days (and almost a week now) i have successfully controlled myself from blogging about my birthday. it wasn’t f-u-n at all. i was as usual broke. and unlike other birthdays when i would still have time to cook my favorite pasta dishes, last march 25 i didn’t have time to do so. i mean literally. i spent my birthday working on the magazine (now i can blog about it a little), which will be launched this april 8. i haven’t had enough sleep since last week. it was only today that i literally had time to sleep straight for 5 hours.

but that’s not what this blog entry is about.

despite the fact that i spent my birthday walking around school like a zombie (because i had to work overtime at my layout artist’s house and went home at 4am), there’s still one good thing that happened that surprised me enough to make me jump up in giddy grogginess.

i did not expect that the dvd i ordered from the mercy cunningham dance company would arrive on MY birthday. but it did. and that was one of the really special treats!

i ordered the dvd around 3 weeks ago because i wanted to get a copy of the beginners dance technique of the legendary cunningham. it just so happened that i had enough moolah in my paypal account. and so i decided to buy through paypal. i wanted to find out for myself how “cash-free” and entirely online purchasing really works, without a credit card to charge the amount to, just paypal as a money transfer service. i also wanted to find out if the international mailing does work the way they promised–3 weeks max and not a long overdrawn *bite my lip* wait.

judging from the way things turned out. yes, paypal is a good middle man. and yes, the mailing system of the USA is very efficient. lastly, indeed online transactions are less complicated than you think. it is even less the hassle of inputting your credit card details and what not. just make sure your paypal account is secured as always.

cunningham.jpgso, i got what i wanted on MY BIRTHDAY. when i got the philippine registered mail receipt informing me to claim my mail in the post office, i immediately rode on the habal-habal under the sweltering heat of the sun, straight to the mintal post office. i smelled the yellow envelope while i rode back home. when i arrived, hands shaking, i opened my package and screamed. good thing i was alone. of course, i watched the dvd like a somnambulist druggie.

that day, mercy cunningham’s dance exercises were hypnotic. watching the dvd calmed me down (i mean it) that when i started off to go back to work, i felt recharged and giddy i could almost do a jete. now, that felt like MY birthday after all.

  1. johnnypanic says:

    merce cunningham was perhaps the only person who could ever execute a perfect back jete. and this is a perfect birthday treat!

  2. Nth says:

    Your heart’s jete registered 7.0 on the cosmic scale. 😉

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