easter silence…

Posted: March 24, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations
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…or what i would have traded for silence and peace yesterday on easter sunday.

unlike last year’s easter sunday, i didn’t get ten sms easter greetings. unfortunately, it was all stress and anxiety that got me through easter plus a couple of tentative laughs that made me a bit guilty after. in moments of obsessive-compulsiveness (especially related with work), i often hesitate to even laugh.

but there was one moment on easter sunday that made me pause and think about life in general. one of my companions while riding a car on our way to bo’s coffeeshop, told me that his 18-year old cousin died of a heart attack. 18 year-old! such young soul. “life is short, claire,” he said.

i realized that the only easter greeting (or should i say insight) i received was epitomized in that moment. yes, life is short. we all know that. but do we continuously remind ourselves that too? do we also remind ourselves that because of the fleeting quality of life, every moment is really a gift of grace? every moment holds a kernel of wisdom.

“enjoy life’s moments” is one thing you can say to yourself over and over. but the most difficult part is to feel those moments, to be in those moments, to treat them as gifts— as gifts of grace, to be exact. grace is as abstract as say, love. but they feel both the same. as love is grace, and grace is love.

i think what is imperative these days is that one must cultivate such passion for life. yes, despite the lack of money, despite clear and present danger, despite hardships, despite anxieties, and most of all, despite the absence of love in your midst.

belated happy easter everyone!

  1. Audrey says:

    hey!!…uhm, i got ur blog through mindanao bloggers directory..was googling it..then i found your site name..warm regards!!

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