Spoon is Back!

Posted: March 21, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings, Stumbled Upon
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mebuyan-128.jpgOn another happy note. A few days ago, I found the missing pair of my “spoon and fork” earrings somewhere under the dining table at home. The spoon got lost last December while I was in a hurry to get out of the taxicab near one of the entrances at SM Davao. For a while, I felt utterly disappointed and sad about my loss considering that I absolutely loved that pair, which I bought for bargain at Conspiracy the last time I was in Manila.

Ever since I took to wearing earrings, I have always searched for curio-item-looking ones that could be mix with the staple pearl and gold pairs I never wear and which I have hidden in my jewelry box. My mother used to buy me pure gold earrings but I usually couldn’t wear them because I am allergic to gold. In college, I discovered that my ears LIKED wearing silver accessories. That’s when I started collecting novelty silver jewelry.

I surmised that the spoon must have gotten lost on its way home. Or like Odyseus, it was caught in an adventure it couldn’t miss. I knew I had to move on to searching for other cooler looking pairs at Unisilver or Filigrenasia. But surprises of all surprises, on the week when I decided to spend a few hundreds on a pair of dangling cats, I found my spoon!

I have been praying for signs lately, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the spoon earring lying almost dejectedly (haha) on the white tiled floor of our living room. It’s a SIGN.

The fork is waiting for it in my pink purse, I suppose. It has learned to wait; not with impatience, or bitterness. Unlike Penelope, the fork has learned to enjoy waiting. I realized that the spoon really did have to go home.

It was time. I am happy.

*Next week, I am buying a pair of safety pins to wear as earrings.

  1. rica says:

    wow, cool earrings!:)

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