soaking up the sun (my brother’s style)

Posted: March 16, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings
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atoy-at-the-dessert.jpgLSS: “i wanna soak up the sun…” –sheryl crow

a week before my birthday. i am suddenly stricken with homesickness and nostalgia. and what usually comes tagging along with homesickness is the desire, the need to go to the beach, soak up some sun and sea. what also comes with sea-cravings is the sense of nostalgia brought by memories of people i have often enjoyed sun, sea, and sand days with for most of my life. one of those is my younger brother “atoy.”

i have blogged about “missing the beach” and my brother endlessly before. the last entry read like this:

I suddenly remembered my brother whom I spent several summers with, teaching swimming, training for the varsity team, or just skin-diving in the nearest island in Negros. The brother whom I vowed to go cross-channel with yet failed to do so because he got married and forgot about our plans. The brother whom I swam several miles with on a cold December day by the Dumaguete pier as we were desperately training for an upcoming meet. The pool was under-construction then, so our coach decided to hold training at the wharf under the watchful, ogling eyes of stevedores. The brother whom I suddenly miss just now while writing this entry, the brother who represents Dumaguete as it was before and now for me.

well, i do always miss my brother during summers in Davao. for one, he was always the adventurous type– never the kind of who cowers in front of a huge wave. these days, he doesn’t have to wish getting enough sun. *laughter* he’s already an OFW based in saudi arabia where all he could see is the desert. (that’s what he said). and of course, some bedouins and a few reptiles we don’t normally encounter in Pinas.

this summer, my sisters and i are planning to visit our heartland, Dumaguete just to keep my brother’s wife company. i know it won’t be the same this summer as my brother atoy won’t be around to drive us around the city.

the last time we saw each other was 2 years ago when i visited. i was bedridden for a week there and couldn’t walk right due to sciatica. one night, when i was finally a bit okay, i insisted that we drive to the nearest video city shop to borrow some dvds. so he drove me in his motorcycle without a word, and without an argument. on our way home, the motorcycle conked out as it ran out of gas. i insisted that we hail a vehicle that would pass by to give us a ride. and you know what my brother did? he let me ride at the back of the motorcycle while he pushed it on the way home. despite my vehement refusal, he insisted. we went on in silence until we reached home and he laughed at my pale face. i laughed back seeing the beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks.

he’s always a man of few words (just like my father). so i do pray that he’s okay out there under the saudi sun.

  1. Audrey says:

    hey…very interesting post..
    i’m missing my brothers too..i hve four..
    i now live in a different city by choice..anywayz..
    care to exchange links?

    warm regards!

  2. reefer says:

    thanks! how did you get to blog anyway?

    will link you up.

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