Notes on the Side: “ShopWiki is the Future of Shopping”

Posted: March 15, 2008 in Notes on the Side

back in 2006 when i attended a new media training in kuala lumpur, one of the speakers talked about wikis and how this kind of software has somehow changed how information in the web is being shared and accessed. a wiki is often used to create “collaborative websites,” this according to wikipedia.

i was in a humorous mood and wondered” what if there are wikis for shoppers?”being a “shopper” myself, i have always wondered about sites that offer a list of the best deals you can get online, without having to spend hours of surfing the Web.

after two years of occasionally buying products online through endless and patient internet surfing, i discovered that there is such a thing as the largest online shopping search engine in the web and it is called *drumroll* SHOPWIKI.

this site is like a shopping directory of a wide range of products you can think of buying–from accessories, toys, crafts to electronics and computers. It also offers reviews on both stores and products to help a shopper make a decision.

what’s really interesting about it is that users are empowered enough to add in information about products and give comparisons on which stores offer the lowest prices. it is collaborative in a sense that there’s no one person who controls the information being given. every online shopper willing to share information on stores or products are welcome to input.

for instance, when i clicked on laptop computers, i was directed to a page that contains almost all the necessary information that can empower a consumer to make the right choice. there’s the basic definition part, then you can see the top picks, then there’s a “how to get the best” part where you’ll learn the tricks to discovering what kind of computer fits your lifestyle, e.g., features to consider and what not. there’s also lists of refurbished computers and other related products.

this i think is a very informative site to check out from time to time. aside from giving necessary information, shopwiki i believe also helps empower you to become a better online shopper. and perhaps, in the future a seller of products. like all wikis, you can register in shopwiki as member and put in whatever details you want to contribute as long as it is validated. no worries.

so there you go everyone! that’s the beauty of web 2.0 🙂 happy online shopping…

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