Virgin, Virginity: What is?

Posted: March 8, 2008 in All and Sundry, feminisms
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got this in the mindanawon loop, which ecofeminist scholar agnes c. posted. found it really interesting enough to share in this page:

Definition of Terms (feminist, that is):

Virgin– “Virgin” originally did not mean a woman whose vagina was untouched by any penis, but a free woman, one not betrothed, not married, not bound to, not possessed by any man. It meant a female who is sexually and hence socially her own person. In any universe of patriarchy, there are no virgins in this sense….(duh, still looking for the author/s…); “never captured: unsubdued.” (Daly, 1984: 13) Hence in patriarchy, Virgins must be unspeakable, thinkable only as negations…(Marilyn Frye. 1992: 133)

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