International Women’s Day 2008

Posted: March 8, 2008 in All and Sundry, feminisms

Today, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. Us we celebrate our lives as women in this country, let us also take a moment of silence to thank other women before us who were responsible in paving the way for a better world for women at present–a world where we can have an array of choices, a world where education is our right, a world where we can actually say that women’s rights are human rights too. Also, let us remember, lest we forget, that there are more challenges ahead of us. These choices we enjoy are fruits of a long laborious process that went on unheard of in history books. I choose to remind younger Filipinas, those my age, and even MYSELF to keep this in mind. The women before us, our mothers, did not enjoy the choices we have today. Let us not sit on our laurels so to speak. The world for instance, is still a dangerous world for women.

But lest I be accuse of bringing negative vibes, I assure you there are also a lot to celebrate! Womanhood is not a fixed state. This is why I celebrate the lives of women across class, age, race, disciplines, across borders, across everything else that define us who we are as women. Menstruation pains, PMS, body-issues to boot– all these and then some. These (often considered negative things) are also part of who we are.

I do not envision a perfect complete woman, or a divine human, I envision myself as somebody who can eventually be happy with what she has and is–those “imperfections” will no longer cease to be so, those limitations will no longer exist as barriers, those so-called “incompleteness” will eventually not matter. This overdetermination somehow defines me, but it is also something I can efface.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

Particularly, this greeting goes out to my mother Glory, my elder sister Tutit (who is such a survivor), my twin sisters Rose and Pearl, my best friend Bombee, my spiritual sister Ate Mae, my writing-mate Charina, my colleagues Sheila, Ligaya, Jean, my sister mentors Ma’am Ceres, Ma’am Agnes, Carol S., Carol A., Ma’am Guy, to the women who have worked with me through the years in the field of gender or feminist advocacy.

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