Notes on the Side: “Life is a Game of Poker”

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Notes on the Side

Poker or any hardcore card game is not for the weak heart. Definitely not for those who evade mind games and are tired of thinking. More often than not, this card game requires you to own the skill of anticipation, and the capability to compute/estimate probability. Very statistics 101.

I know a lot of people who are fit to play poker because they do own such human skills of profiling, of bluffing, of even wearing the most poker of all faces. I find these people instantly likable and challenging. And surprisingly, most of them are good at playing card games.

Although, I am not exactly a good poker player, I can say I’m the kind who might enjoying learning how to play better. There are online poker sites around in the Web. Sometimes, they try my patience because I still crave for face-to-face interaction. But playing online is one way to develop my skills so that the next time I attend a party, I won’t be the loser in the hot seat who never wins a hand.

More than anything else, I liken poker as a metaphor for some moments in life when you are caught in a game of chance–illusory or otherwise. You are challenged by another person who’s looking you in the eye, wearing that ever confusing poker face waiting for your next move. You have to play your cards right, as always and never lay them all on the table sure of victory. You have to in a way learn to breathe, pause and enjoy figuring out what the other person’s is planning, and what cards he/she holds in his/her hand. Or if she/he still have other cards in hidden in the pockets of his/her sleeves. That is the game of life. No other online poker game can prepare you for that. 😉

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