The Aftermath of Sinews of Syllables Part 2

Posted: March 3, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings, performance art, poetry
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(first of two parts)

Seriously and admittedly, I still can’t blog about the success of the BAE-Creative Writing program’s show “Connect+Disconnect: The Story of Us (Sinews of Syllables Part 2)” simply because I still don’t have wonderful pictures to post on this blog to prove that it was a success. (Now I’m bragging.) But taking off from what Jetcera wrote in his blog “Inscriptions Behind a Turtle’s Back” (clever blog name, I might say), I’d like to congratulate every BA-English (Creative Writing) student from freshmen to senior level for a job well done. I am truly grateful to everyone for the utmost cooperation John and I received, as well as the earnest enthusiasm to make the show come to fruition.

This year wasn’t as anxiety-filled as last year though. And I think it was partly because we could trust many people to deliver the goods. Kelly was amazingly responsible in the PR part, going downtown to have posters and program printed and distributing them all over UP. Jeffrey, Edwin and Joy! Ah yes, they could be trusted with the lights. So I didn’t have to worry too much because they knew what they were doing. With the help of Dencio, lighting during the show came out smoothly despite the debacle we faced earlier with some light bulbs and wiring exploding unexpectedly. Kudos to the very organized food committee headed by Sunshine for ensuring that everyone had something to eat after the show. I mean, really, nobody went home with an empty stomach, I suppose. And the best part is, I didn’t have to endlessly remind Sunshine and others to do their jobs because they had the initiative to work by themselves.

As for the others–the technicals and set people, the performers, the ones in charge with the multimedia, every single one of them were part of making the show run smoothly. Yes, we can never come up with a “perfect”show given technical limitations and what not, but we can strive for perfection, and that is what my crew–the students–did. I know this is true just by judging the immediate reaction of audiences right after the closing credits. Most of those who came up to me wore smiles on their faces, and gushing “it was sooo good!” That, you can’t buy.

Plus, the good part of the entire process is that I was able to drag in students from other courses for their help. Two discoveries were Francis and Dominique, both freshmen ComSci students, who were amazingly good in handling the sound system. I even asked them afterwards how they learned the ropes because I was so amazed, and both of them told me they learned these skills in highschool. If only the University can provide venue for these talented bunch. I’m sure there are a number who are like Francis and Dominique–kids who have a knack for things like sound recording, theater sound systems and the like.

Then there are the ever reliable Media Arts students who took care of the video documentation part. I didn’t have to lift a finger, I tell you. This time around, I just watched everything unfold onstage. What I needed to do was tell the Media Arts students which kind of shots I preferred and let them be. Now, I’m looking forward to editing the video footage and turning them into one movie for everyone to watch and savor the memories.

To the UPMin dance ensemble (Rose, Gigems and Clyde), thanks for lending your talents to the show.And of course, to Pearl for the posters. Love the aesthetics. So Nylon magazine. You really understood what I meant. 🙂

That night, after John, Nino and I did the last clean-up in the AVR we couldn’t help but admit to ourselves that we were feeling very ecstatic. John said,” I’m very effusive and I’m not ashamed of it.” Rightly said John. It’s nice to be contented with the fruits of your own labor, your passions, and share them with the young ‘uns too.

* to be continued with pictures next time…

  1. johnnypanic says:

    three perfectly landed tripple toe loop for us all!

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