Notes on the Side: To Move, To Go

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Notes on the Side

I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

very well said indeed. but one problem i notice about moving out or relocating in this country is that we don’t have companies that offer relocation services. as i have blogged before, the most painful part about relocating is the moment when you are left to decide which ones to pack and bring with you, and which to leave behind. not only that, there is also the burden of finding the right boxes– in shape and size– to use that would fit all that you have.

most of the time, when you relocate, you always have this urge to bring everything with you. this is not a practical thing. sometimes, during these moments of indecision, you wish that there are people or experts to turn to who would tell you which are rightfully meant to be brought, and which are fated to belong in some recycle bin. the most painful part is that when you’ve finally relocated and settled in a place, you then realize that your decisions were wrong after all.

“i should have brought those pair of shoes with me!” these words are all too familiar. or “i needed that electric oven pala coz i have to cook for my housewarming party.”

even packing for short-term travel requires a lot of thought. should i bring all shorts and not one piece of skirt? what if the place is conservative? what if i happen to be invited to a party that requires me to dress up? and my favorite dilemma is what kind of shoes to bring. i’ve always gotten away with flip-flops or flats like thongs. they’re easy to dump into a back-pack, very lightweight, and you can pair them with any apparel. with shorts, a pair of thongs would make you look casual and more like a tourist going to the beach. at night, a pair of thongs can dress down a shift dress. so many possibilities there i tell you.

but just recently, i realize that flip-flops or thongs don’t necessarily help me out anymore. that’s another blog entry to write.

so you see, even deciding the kind of clothes to bring is still a big problem. how much more if you’re trying to move to another country? now that’s one blog entry too.

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