Notes on the Side: “Going on Vacation Soon”

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Notes on the Side

After a very busy February, which seemed to feel ironically long, more than ever I feel like I need to go on a vacation anytime soon. But there are other projects to finish soon too, and there’s no way I can up and leave just like that. Regular classes in the University will end on March 18 before Holy Week starts, then after Hell Week or Finals Week resumes and more work is waiting for us–papers to mark, grades to compute, and a graduation ceremony to attend.

Most people I know outside the University are already planning for a Holy Week vacation as that would be a more or less long holiday weekend for most of us. Some are definitely going island-hopping, while others have decided to travel to their hometowns for a brief respite. Of course, there are others who are really following their own spiritual journeys. Me? I’m still left wondering how to get that much-needed vacation without having to compromise work. Deadlines are deadlines unless they can be resurrected.

But if there’s one thing I would want to do this Holy Week if permitted to go on a short vacation, I’d like to visit Siquijor Island. It has been such a long time since I visited that Island of Fire. Being in Davao makes traveling out of Mindanao harder than ever. When I was in Dumaguete, I’d be able to travel to Siquijor any time I pleased, even stay there for a day, take a dip, hop from one ukay place to another, visit friends’ houses and so on. So that when I get back home, I’d feel like I did have a vacation.

Since Siquijor is out of the question, an alternative would be Siargao Island. For the past years, I’ve been planning to go to this place but it seems as though the gods were always against me because I never got to go. There were always glitches. I’ve since vowed from the start of 2008 that I’d make this year different–I will definitely get to visit Siargao by hook or by crook. My latest project, among the many projects I’m dipping myself in (argh!), which is a podcast talkshow on Traveling MindaNOW has propelled me to ensure that I’d be able to go there. Siargao will be my first episode, I thought. But then again, it seems that all these are just musings, and dreams waiting to come to fruition.

Let’s see what happens next. If there’s one thing I have learned after realizing that I’m almost drowning in work, it is that setting priorities is very important. One thing to prioritize is health. A vacation will do you good, my friends have told me recently. Perhaps it will, but perhaps it might just add to the burden of having to work double-time just to meet personal expectations. After all, we are our own demons. 🙂

One thing’s for sure though: vacation for me is equals to beach, sand, and sun. So if I can’t go on a short vacation this Holy Week, there’s an entire summer to fill. No worries. I even bought a new bikini for the upcoming action-filled summer. Watch out! Here I come. 🙂

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