Oscar Highlights

Posted: February 25, 2008 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events, Musings
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diablo_cody.jpgHere’s my take:

A. I waited while they showed the montage of celebrities who died the past year for Brad Renfro’s face to come up but it never did. Instead, tears welled in my eyes when the last clip popped up showing Heath Ledger in one of those unforgettable frames in Brokeback Mountain.

B. While Nth pays tribute to production designer Robert F. Boyle who gave us memorable poetic scenes from movies like Birds and my own favorite Fiddler on the Roof, I too shall first talk about my fascination with Best Original Screenplay winner Diablo Cody, who is a blogger, a writer, a graduate from the University of Iowa with a Media Studies degree and an ex-Unlikely-stripper. Acerbic wit in the right places have never ceased to amuse me and Cody is very much capable of that. So despite the fact that I have never watched all of the movies under the Best Original Screenplay category, hence this very subjective comment, I can say Cody is the rightful winner.

Having written Juno, my favorite start-of-the-year movie so far with Sweeney Todd trailing behind, Cody is capable of putting depth in an otherwise tired genre such as a “coming-of-age” movie. With varying criticisms hurled against the film, one of which is that “it encourages teenage pregnancy”–a very Catholic world-view I might say (Yes, reality should be swept under the rug–hidden somewhere where innocents can’t find it)–I feel that I’m not obliged to justify my “love” for the movie’s script except that I wanna say it is a movie postmodern feminists should watch and enjoy. There are no melodramatic scenes in Juno. Just pure in-your-face look at the changing landscape of humanity.

My friend Kiday said it best: “it’s female/feminist annie hall with sweet valeey high snark and the ache of holden caulfield and the prescience of phoebe.”

C. Of course this entry wouldn’t be complete if I won’t gush about Daniel Day Lewis winning Best Actor for There Will Be Blood. It was expected, I know. But after they let French actress Marion Cottillard of the powerful Edith Piaf “biopic” La vie En Rose, grab the Oscar for Best Actress, for a moment I thought there will be a lot of shocking outcomes. I jumped in glee for Cottillard. And really screamed for Daniel, while my sisters pout for Johnny Depp.

When are they going to give Johnny an Oscar by the way? He deserves it.

But Daniel is Daniel. Clips from My Left Foot kept turning up the entire Oscar show, and I literally felt nostalgic for my adolescence. Hee.

D. One of the major highlights for me was Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova winning Best Original Song for my favorite, favorite heart-breaking bittersweet of all bittersweet ballads Falling Slowly. Independent music is NOT dead. And kudos to the Oscar production team for letting Marketa go back onstage to speak. That bit brought tears to my eyes.

E. There were a lot of interesting moments this year, one of which is Tilda Swinton saying “thanks man!” but I kind of missed the spectacular dance numbers and what not. I dunno. It was just probably me. I do loved Jon Stewart’s opening spiel. I never imagined he could make me laugh off my chair. 🙂

  1. mckhoii says:

    heath ledger is so hot but what happened is so sad. nice blog you’ve got here! go blog bloom!


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