Meda 103 Audio Podcasts

Posted: February 24, 2008 in All and Sundry, podcast
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My MEDA 103 (News Media in Communication) class under the UPMin BACA major in Media Arts program has a new Podomatic account, which I created just a few days ago. I have uploaded some of my students’ audio podcasts there just to showcase their works. Despite the fact that our media lab is still non-existent and still up-and-coming, we managed to produce one episode for each kind of digital audio pieces–a commercial, a talkshow, a newscast, a sound art piece, and an audio-story book. My purpose for this is to just make them go through the process (production wise) and learn audio-editing mixing software like the famous Audacity. Good thing there were a lot in the class who had computers at home and so everything kinda went well. Some works even surprised me.

Here’s a sample of a talkshow titled Talk Unlimited. Give it a listen!

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