Notes on the Side: “Going Gaga over Ringtones”

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Notes on the Side

Ever since I had a cellphone, I wonder why I have never fully gotten on the bandwagon of choosing ring tones with a kind of frenzied fanaticism. Perhaps because I usually perceive mobile phones as a functional tool—for calling and for sending SMS to people whom I can’t talk with face-to-face. Most of the time, I just choose the most standard ring tone for message alerts and calls, something that’s recognizable to my auditory senses, and not to distracting as to make me go paranoid. When mobile phone companies started advertising products that makes storing of polyphonic tones possible, most of my friends went gaga over the entire idea and immediately changed their phones to ones that have polyphonic features. I did not understand the whole fuss because I never really appreciated the difference between polyphonic ring tones and non-polyphonic ones. They are ring tones for me. Period.

But don’t get me wrong, I still am capable of becoming amused at my friends’ ring tones. Ambulance wailing makes me laugh. A baby’s giggle scares me to death. A hiphop ring tone makes me wanna gyrate. Dance ring tones usually have that effect on me, be in Egyptian chants or an excerpt Chopin’s “The Flight of the Bumblebee,” which is quite popular among youngsters ( to my utmost surprise). As for gurgling water sounds, they make me want to smile, in a nostalgic way.

The very reason why I might buy a more up-to-date mobile phone in the future is perhaps the fact that I need to receive multi-media messages. Yes, as usual, the reason is defined by need. And if in the near future, I might need to customize my tones for each individual number in my phonebook just so I can recognize each caller without having to look at the lcd, then buying a phone with that capability is worthwhile. Don’t you think it’s good to be able to decide when to answer a call and when not to?

On the other hand, I always answer calls because phone rings do make me wonder. Most of the time, they even cause my paranoia because I have always associated phone rings with emergencies and tragic what nots. What if someone invents a ring tone that would signal bad news? Then you can prepare yourself before answering it. That would be the day!

  1. yas says:


    on another, uh, note.

    apparently, the feedback while we play matches the notes played for “superstar.”


  2. KK says:

    I have a different ringtone for specific people, work has that one with darth vader hehehe. But I don’t download, kalas money. I get them online. Mine are songs from my fave tv shows — veronica mars, gilmore girls, doctor who, csi, the shield etc — yep I am a nerd

  3. reefer says:

    hehe. i would love to have a veronica mars ring tone. gilmore girls too.

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