Posted: February 9, 2008 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, Musings
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yeah. i meant “superstar” by sonic youth, their cover of that popular videoke favorite by the carpenters, which i recently fell in love with after johnnypanic gave me a mp3 copy.

so when my students marius, yas and allen told me they’re going to be performing a few songs for rockeumentary, a concert organized by a student org in UPMin, i literally convinced marius to play that song for me. it was half-teasingly meant, if you know what i mean. and i originally wanted to watch it, even teased him that i promise “pinky swear” i’d scream when he finally gives his rendition. unfortunately, i wasn’t there. my former student just this morning told me about it. i initially thought he won’t push through with it since it was just half-jokingly demanded from him. but yes, marius did sing it! hurray for him.

and he uploaded it on youtube too. heheh. thanks marius, you who never run away from a challenge. peace!

  1. johnnypanic says:

    ya, i even texted you 3 times to tell you about it. sa akong kahubog i didn’t realize i had no load left, and all those messages i just found in the drafts folder the next morning. paet! pero wayok silang marius, gi dedicate gyud baya niya sa imo, bisag aw ka didto mam. pakpak!

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