wanna stay right here till the seas run dry

Posted: January 28, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations, Travel Diary

LSS: Gorecki by Lamb
“If I should die this very moment. I wouldn’t fear. For I have never known completeness like being here… Wanna stay right here till the seas run dry.”

after the whirlwind romance that is sinulog, this is what i saw–serenity, which is a stark contrast to the pains gnawing my body (my sciatica acted up as expected because of the long, arduous travel). i couldn’t fathom how i miss the visayas and its people until i experienced the communal festivity–dirt, rain, and all.

the liminality of lived experience manifested in the sinulog procession adding to the limbo of travel has hindered my process of spilling words on this blog in an attempt to encapsulate insights. sometimes words are hard to come by especially if you are burdened with fleeting memories. once the exhiliration fades, and i am no longer betwixt and between, i think the words would come but in trickles and in the most inappropriate times.

when i arrived in davao, i immediately just literally started to work on backlogs, numbing myself in the process, and not even allowed myself to savor being in the space between. perhaps this is the reason why i can’t blog about the experience yet. and perhaps, i’ll never will. if ellipses are the perfect metaphor of how i feel about that experience, then the ellipses are these pictures. deal with them however you want.

i will return one of these days and experience the joys of living as though there is no tomorrow. 🙂 cest la vie!

  1. leicia says:

    OMGosh claire, i absolutely LOVE this song… could we stay right here
    ’til the end of time, ’til the earth stops turning…

    and the way i feel after experiencing something exhilirating would probably just leave me speechless and i know im not creative enough to relive and capture every single blissful minute in words… but the space in between is just as important to savor..

    hope youll blog about it soon though =)

  2. JENN says:


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