Notes on the Side: Custom Tees Are Still “IN”

Posted: January 28, 2008 in Notes on the Side
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One of my favorite get-ups since time immemorial is a good combination of a sassy custom T-shirt (baby tees are a gift from heaven!) , good ole denims, and a pair of trendy, not-so-bulky, sneakers. Contrary to popular opinion, this combination is hard to carry especially if you don’t want to look like everyone else. To turn the whole thing “edgy,” is a major challenge, so the best source for ideas are music magazines. These days, The Donnas gives me enough inspiration. Aside from the female rock trio, that “boyish” girl from that 70s show also named Donna have always been a style icon for me.

Just recently I gave in to my craving and bought a pair of black Pony sneakers. Initially, I wanted a pair of all-black old school Chuck Taylors, but nothing fits me in the Converse section at SM Davao. So a pair of Pony sneaks is good enough. But what’s a pair of hip sneaks without a cool shirt to pair it with?

Currently, I’m searching for the best custom T-shirts I could get my hands on. I want those that look like baseball shirts with plain colors, which I could print my own designs on over the summer. Websites like offers ideas on this matter. Plus, the site also sells the kind of T-shirts I want–those that aren’t too manly and girly enough to wear while travelling or while watching a gig; not too athletic looking as when you’re in a sports tournament but just sporty enough for billiard games.

I guess custom T-shirts will never ran out of fashion because “comfort” is something you can’t discount. You can deem shoulder pads a thing of the past, but T-shirts are always here to stay.

Speaking of T-shirts. If there’s one thing I regret about my Sinulog trip, it’s that I failed to get my grunge Sinulog shirt from DigitalImageer. A week before the festival, he had informed me about the cool venture of selling Sinulog custom-made statement shirts that are hip and trendy and different from the usual run-of-the mill touristy stuff that commercial stalls will be selling. But oh well, I’ll be getting the shirt next week.

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