Notes on the Side: On Restaurant Lighting

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Notes on the Side
One of the major elements I look for in a restaurant is the lighting. I don’t know why, but I am a bit fixated with the colors that restaurant owners choose for lighting their interiors. The first thing I look at when I finally get to sit on a chair are the ceiling light fixtures, because I find them kinda tricky. Most restos here in Davao always commit the mistake of adding on lighting fixtures that totally go against the entire look/theme of their interiors. Some have tacky big chandeliers that drown an otherwise narrow ceiling of a narrow room that’s crowded with plastic chairs.I find Claude’s as one of the best lighted restaurants here in the city, as the lighting adds to the cool yet classy ambiance of the place. Bo’s at Torres is one coffee-shop you don’t want to leave, as the entire place evokes a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Aside from the really “bad” tagline, I find Coffee Dream at SM too bright for a coffee shop. As for ceiling light fixtures, the Torquoise resto amazes me in a weird way even when the color of the walls can be too kitschy for comfort. Compare Torquoise with the Morrocan feel of the Mediteranean resto at Chimes, the former will pale in comparison. While the latter is brightly lit, the lighting blends well with the decor, the furniture and even the music.

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