Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

Posted: January 23, 2008 in All and Sundry, current events, film, Musings, Stumbled Upon
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I’m wearing black today. Not because I felt like it as I usually wear black, I’m wearing black because I’m seriously mourning. Call me shallow but yes, I am grieving for Heath Ledger’s sudden death today–January 23, my elder sister’s birthday. News reports say he died of an overdose of sleeping pills, which prompted rumors of possible suicide despite the fact that his family insisted it wasn’t. Whatever the reason is, he is still dead. (read story here)And what a way to die! At 28, so young, so full of potential, the Australian-born actor caught my cineaste’s eye in “Ten Things I hate About You” when he sang “You’re just to good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you…” with that husky Aussie swagger, to Julia Stile’s spunky character. Yet, he wasn’t just one of those pretty boys who’d go the route that most Beverly 90210 stars went. Ledger chose good films to act in and proved his worth at such a young age.He was memorable in “Brokedown Mountain” as he proved his acting mettle alongside Jake Gylenhall and Michelle Williams. It is ironic that he died, even when Ennis, his character in “Brokedown Mountain” lived long enough to suffer the memory of a losing a loved one.

My most memorable scene of Heath Ledger is of course from “Brokeback Mountain,” where towards the end of the movie, he grabbed his lover’s shirt and broke down in tears. That was a superb performance. He was able to capture all the emotions one feels when faced with unrequited love. It is not just sadness that engulfs you, it is also longing, regret, happiness, and all the other bittersweet things that make it oh-so-painful.

Heath Ledger, wherever you are right now, thanks for that wonderful scene. For it is through that moment that I understood how it is to understand loss.

  1. I tried to say in music what I couldn’t put into words. Sadly missed. God Bless.


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