The 90s is Definitely Over

Posted: January 17, 2008 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events, film, Musings, Random Observations, Stumbled Upon
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If this is not a sign, then what is?

Brad Renfro (1982-2008), one of the apples of my of movie-lover’s eyes back in the 90s, recently died of mysterious causes. I first saw his potential as a really good and intense artist ala Rober Downey Jr. in his debut movie The Client. He was a young kid then but he didn’t fade in the background and even managed to get movie critics’ nods.

He was my chosen descendant to River Phoenix (after River died just like that) along with Leo. I even used to collect piles of Tiger Beat mags (ya ya so baduy) with covers gracing him and Leo and of course, Edward Furlong! They were the last icons of 90s cynical Hollywood–intense, troubled souls, brimming with such artistic madness. Of course Leo was an exception because he obviously kinda sold out.

My favorite movie of Brad Renfro is “Sleepers”. Now, who can forget that? That cautionary tale of the possibility that teenagers are actually capable of murder if provoked and placed in such harrowing, exploitative situation. Brad was superb in that movie, and was able to match Kevin Bacon’s evil acting.

Talk about pure 90s nostalgia. I feel unusually saddened by Brad Renfro’s death. The 90s is definitely over.

It’s official. I am old. 😦

*on the same topic, read johnnypanic’s entry.

  1. Shiira says:

    Omigod, I can’t believe he’s dead! I love him in The Client…especially when he imitated that Eskimo pissing thing.

    I also used to collect Tiger Beat because of him, Leo, and another dead-in-his-youth actor Jonathan Brandis.

  2. BicaraTeruna says:

    hmm.. I dont have a clear memory of him but i know one thing for sure the 90s is still on! yeah!

  3. sahara_alia says:

    ma’am claire, daan ako. hehe.

    i was shocked. i liked brad renfro because i used to think he looked like max elliott slade (3 ninjas). i found him cute in “Sleepers” and of course, in those Tiger Beat pinups. *sigh* sad news.

    i miss the 90s also but yeah, it’s over. reality bites.

  4. ted says:

    Heath Ledger (28) was also found dead in his NY appartment today, possibly related to drug use. He would have played the Riddler in the next Batman movie. Oh, well…

  5. yah i know. i’m wearing black today to mourn his death. that would be my next entry. 😦

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