on credit cards and e-business

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Notes on the Side
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the first time i decided to apply for a credit card, a lot of my friends tried to dissuade me because they knew my spending habits. but i persisted anyway, because at first, i really thought it was fancy. when i received my mastercard through courier, i almost jumped up in glee. that afternoon, i immediately invited my friend johnnypanic for a late snack at picobello so i could “test drive” my new fresh from the mail mastercard. we gorged on picobell’s buy-one-take-one pizza while marking papers the entire afternoon. i had two cups of really good cappuccino as we camwhored our way to caffeine madness.

later in the year, i realized that a credit card is more than just for buying things in the mall. it can help you buy books online, and other things you don’t normally see in your local mall. it can also help you in your online business.

most e-business owners (or those i call online merchants) however, especially those i have talked to, still prefer having merchant accounts allowing them to do online transactions as these services offer banking solutions for credit card processing. some of them have also realized that they need to have a clear system in place for online transactions, such as a good payment scheme, especially for international transactions.

the ICT training i just attended just recently, enlightened me on this matter as i am currently mulling over setting up an e-business site. i realized that getting a credit card wasn’t a bad idea after all. the training introduced me to a lot of new and creative ways of transaction methods that could generate a good flow of income in my otherwise dwindling finances.

now that’s something i can look forward to this year. 🙂

  1. leicia says:

    yes ma’am credit cards are real temptations. ive been holding off getting one for so long becasue i’m also aware of my spending habits; read: impulsive buyer. but it seems it is now a necessity in this online society of ours

  2. E-commerce businesses is bustling and online shopping is becoming ever more popular. Not only has online shopping growing in terms of value, but it is also slowly but surely, taking over a significant chunk of the total retail sales share from brick and mortar stores.

    Thats why people nowadays prefer using credit card because it frees them from the need of carrying money with them all the time. Purchasing products and services is so easy with the credit cards and they eventually pay it later according to their convenience.

    Best Regards,
    Craig Leshinger
    National Merchants Corp

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