Posted: January 12, 2008 in All and Sundry

In my previous entries on blogging, I talked about my blogging history that spans more than 5 years, but never really expounded on “why I blog” part mainly because I still couldn’t really explain the whole thing at the time. Admittedly, the first major factor that encouraged me to put up my first ever blog (which was hosted by Blogger then and had a really cute Bahaus-inspired template) was that I just wanted to write my thoughts. At the time, I was working in an online company that required me to work 8 hours in front of the computer, and most of those times, I wrote on the notepad short lines just to break from the monotony of typing 40 articles a day. Blogger gave me the idea that I can self-publish my writings, my thoughts on the worldwide web. From then on, I continued blogging my rants, my musings, my observations–transferring from one blog hosting to another.

I said goodbye to the traditional pen and paper journal-writing because after working with computers, it had become too difficult to sustain writing my thoughts using a pen. My hand would be shaking, and I couldn’t hold a single thought with a pen. Above all, traditional journal writing became immensely such a solitary act for me, as I continued on to becoming a full-fledge blogger.

Years passed, and I realized after my lecture on Internet Trends and Tools in my New Media in Communication class, that blogs have evolved into something more than just an online diary. It can be used for social-action. It can be used as like an online book. It can also be used to earn money.

There are so many ways, I have learned over the years, to monetize your blog. One way is to subscribe to Google Adsense. Another new trend is to earn while blogging from Blogsvertise. An “affiliate marketing site that helps bloggers earn money just by merely blogging,” Blogsvertise is the next big thing in internet marketing. All bloggers have to do is register in Blogvertise and get their tasks from there.

And then I discovered that there are a lot of bloggers in my circle who are already registered in Blogsvertise.They are not just blogging for the sake of posting random things, they are enjoying the process and most of all, earning from it.

These days, blogs are no longer just an online diary or an online op-ed page, it can be a source for income generation, among others.

Now how does that change the quality of information in the wolrdwide web? That is something my communication arts students can mull over. As for now, I’m off to Blogvertise to find out more.

  1. tiara says:

    hi! maam you might want to try smorty too. they offer more opportunities plus they send out the payments weekly.

  2. tiara says:

    sorry. i forgot to post the link. 😉

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