Posted: January 10, 2008 in ad campaigns, All and Sundry, Stumbled Upon

cebuasia.jpgIf you are either local or international tourist and looking to visit Cebu anytime next weekend to experience the famed Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, here is a website that contains all the information you need. contains a variety of lists, ranging from places to stay, cheap restos where one can find delicious Cebuano dishes, souvenir/curio shops that sell keepsakes, to maps that provide landmark details.This is the perfect guide for netizens who don’t have time to call a travel agent.

CebuAsia is the brainchild of my former highschool classmate Clee Villasor, who recently informed me that the site is also an e-business for Sinulog. There you can order Sinulog “statement” tees fit for the fashionistas, “smart-ass” yuppies, and even the 90s grunge nostalgics. The shirt with Magellan as call center agent is one shirt I find particularly “desirable.” (I wonder if Clee sells “emo” shirts though. *wink*).

So if you’re doing last minute plans for the January 19-20 celebration, this site may probably help you in making decisions. Visit it now.

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