on the war between abs-cbn and gma

Posted: January 8, 2008 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events, Random Observations
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watching the news brought by the two major broadcasting networks of this country can be really distasteful these days. sometimes, i just decide to turn on the pc and go netsurfing while the tv is on a drone. while i really am obsessed with this ritual of getting my daily fix of news, i also refuse to subject myself into really “noisy” war games these two networks are playing at the expense of journalism.

when the networks started using news stories as propaganda disguised as objective reporting, i got sick to my stomach. that was the last straw, if i may say so.

it all started okay. yes, indeed the public should know that there were speculations of fraud. it is an important matter that actually involves not only abs-cbn, gma and the research firm, it also involves us–the audience, consumers of the products these networks produce. audience sharing is a highly important matter, and it is also a very contested one.

but to subject viewers to constant mindgames, very manipulative at that, is like putting them in a torture chamber where they have to endure several minutes of two people flagging each other, muck, shit blood and all. some people might find this fantastic, even seductive, but if such visual transgressions are shown to you everyday, the excitement eventually fades and now you are left with just blood. boring, noisy, annoying blood.

then again, what else is new? people lashing at each other is an everyday occurrence that creates entertainment for bystanders willing to waste some of their time to enjoy a dose of violence for a moment.

yet again, there are also others who are just numbed to the bone. they are so used to these two networks bickering, and competing, that they really don’t care. just give them their telenovela and they’re fine.

i don’t know where i should place myself in these categories of viewers, but what i’m certain of is that my eyes won’t be glued to the tv on primetime news anytime soon.

  1. johnnypanic says:

    my gaaaaaaad! to hear that earnest “voice of god” speak about how their network is only trying to reveal the truth and that the other network is a bunch cheating, lying, fools and all that crap! really now!?

  2. mhelwyn says:

    WHAT EVER HAppened im still KAPAMILYA!!

  3. reefer says:

    mhelwyn: we all have our own opinions and choices. 🙂

  4. edith says:

    i watched both network……..but how gma defends……..it’s o.a.

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