What the Starbucks Oracle Says About Me

Posted: January 5, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings
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starbucks_oracle.gifThere aren’t any Starbucks branches here in Davao, so going to Starbucks for coffee isn’t really a habit for me. But I do love coffee (all flavors except for espresso). Most of the time, when I need to go to a coffee shop to hang-out with friends, I always choose Karl’s Kofi corner at SM because it has a smoking area, and BO’s at Torres because it has a smoking area, wifi, and of course, the cafe mocha there is the best I’ve tasted here.

Despite this, I took the Starbucks Oracle test just for kicks. Typed in tall capuccino with lots of sugar, because of all the coffee flavors, capuccino is the easiest one I could think of ordering once I am in a coffee shop. If you were to ask me, I usually just drink cheap coffee at home–my own mix of a tablespoon of Nescafe, half a teaspoon of Coffeemate, and lots of sugar.

The result of the test, as I expected, is hilarious. I don’t think I am like this (because I know who I am), but I’m not really sure how other people perceive me. Because it’s almost Chinese New Year and the year of the Rat hasn’t really officially started yet, I’m willing to give all the people who “hate” or “dislike” me ammunition, just for laughs.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Behold the Oracle’s wisdom:

Personality type: Asshat

You carry around philosophy books you haven’t read and wear trendy wire-rimmed glasses even though you have perfect vision. You’ve probably added an accent to your name or changed the pronunciation to seem sophisticated. You hang out in coffee shops because you don’t have a job because you got your degree in French Poetry. People who drink tall capuccino with lots of sugar are notorious for spouting off angry, liberal opinions about issues they don’t understand.

Also drinks: Any drink with a foreign name
Can also be found at: The other, locally owned coffee shop you claim to like better

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