the acacia trees of dumaguete city

Posted: January 5, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations, Stumbled Upon
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this nostalgic blog entry about my beloved hometown dumaguete by good friend mindanao times editor amy cabusao really almost made me cry. it talked basically about the acacia trees of silliman university and how these trees somehow shaped her childhood memories, and even her whole life.

my best sentences in the short piece titled simply my hometown were the last ones:

“Before my father slid into coma more than a decade ago, he looked out of the hospital window, and seeing the tops of the acacia trees bowing gently to the wind, told me: What a beautiful day to die.  Perhaps the acacia trees were his last worldly image, I can’t tell. But I, too, would love to say goodbye like that. Peaceful and sharing the Trees of Joyce Kilmer.” (read more)

perhaps, we all need to leave, travel somewhere, to be able to appreciate where we came from, where we grew up and discover that home is somewhere not far from here. *sigh*

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