my tentative plans for 2008

Posted: January 5, 2008 in All and Sundry, Musings

LSS: “I would like to live like anybody else/in one place/And I could be happy and fulfilled
In one place/And you know that I have found/That I’m happiest weaving from town to town…/We should keep moving ’round
Maybe we all get too tied down…. “-
One Place, Everything But the Girl

these are the top plans i desperately want to do this year. i know they aren’t so big, but they are simple plans that would make me really happy:

1. go to siargao, learn how to surf

2. swim laps every saturday

3. organize a conference on ICT for women empowerment here in Mindanao

4. finish videos and push through with Pet and I’s video art installation exhibit

5. implement the digital storytelling site of my students

6. quit smoking (yeah yeah i know you are rolling your eyeballs. but i’m sincere)

7. laugh more often

8. go back to Odissi dance practices

9. manage my pain and do the shoulder stand

10. travel anywhere but here

of course there are other more serious plans that i can’t reveal here. i guess we all have our own secret wishes. 🙂

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