My favorite new words for 2008

Posted: December 29, 2007 in All and Sundry, commentary, Musings

My favorite new words for 2008 are OHNOSECOND and 404, so I predict that I might be using these words more often because I have experienced so many “ohnoseconds” already, and that I am often surrounded by people who are 404s. Or I am more often than not, a 404 myself.

I find “ohnosecond” cute. You write down a text message for a particular person–a kind of message that you wish you could say to him/her right at the moment, like thinking aloud but thinking aloud using a mobile phone. Then instead of debating with yourself whether to send the message or not, you end up hitting the”send” button. Just a second there, you realized what you’ve done and you wish you could run after that message literally in virtual land, grab it and bring it back where it belonged:in your mind.

404 on the other hand, is like the word “monet” from the expression: “you’re so Monet,” which I got from the movie “Clueless.” It means you look beautiful only from a far, much like the usual comments regarding Monet’s paintings. But 404 can be used to insult someone, especially when that person doesn’t even know where the term 404 came from or what “404 can not be found” means! That person is definitely super uber clueless. I find this term mean and cute at the same time.

Still, there are other hip new words to use in 2008 (see my past entry). I guess it’s a matter of having fun using them, and then worrying about how they change the English language later. :-p

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