Dokeos Hacked?

Posted: December 29, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings
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At exactly 3:22 am after arriving from a night-out with my former students in the BAE Creative Writing program, I checked my Gmail account to read my mails. I was surprised to find an e-mail from one of my students in MEDA 103 (New Media in Communication) this current semester. It read:

ma’am dy,
happy holidays po! 🙂 ma’am, ask lang po namin if nkka-access po kayo sa dokeos ma’am? kse po hacked po lumalabas samin eh.. yun lang po ma’am.. 🙂 thanks.
After reading her short mail, I immediately checked the Dokeos site to find out if it was really hacked. Lo and behold! This appeared:

For my readers information, I have created an e-classroom for three of the subjects I am teaching this semester. The e-classroom functions as supplementary material and/or alternative space for learning, aside from the usual face-to-face interaction in the traditional classroom setting. For this particular subject MEDA 103, I had specifically put all the powerpoint lessons in our e-classroom so that my students could read the lessons repeatedly even outside class hours.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud after discovering the Dokeos site was hacked. Just earlier in the evening, we were discussing about school issues, and my former students kept convincing me that I shouldn’t give a test on January 3 when classes resume. I had told them that I was now a little hesitant and regretful about telling my students to prepare over the Holiday break because I was going to give a long exam. For the MEDA 103 students, the test was supposed to be based on the materials in the e-classroom over at Dokeos. So I really expected them to read. Of course, my former students told me that giving out a test right after the Holidays is a BAD idea because students won’t be around at the time, or they won’t be able to really concentrate on the test itself. “Hangover pa sa Xmas break. Torture kaayo na.”

Now that Dokeos was hacked, I realized that this must be SIGN for me not to push through with the test. Although, I am pretty sure the site administrator will have the system running tomorrow evening. But somehow, I feel this was a cosmic joke to begin with. Perhaps, the universe is telling me to hold my horses and start not with a painful bang next year, but more like a nostalgic strumming of a guitar: “So class, let us review what we have discussed last year. If you can remember any….”

Something like that. What do you think?

  1. 🙂

    Just stumbling through the net, searching for Dokeos installations.
    When i was reading your entry, a big smile on my face…

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