Wanted: Crash course on computer hardware troubleshooting

Posted: December 23, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings
My sister and I are planning to take up crash courses on computer hardware troubleshooting just this afternoon. Spurned by the great need to figure out why the PC at home won’t start up, we (upon encouragements from my sister’s friend in CDO who provided details through text-messaging) mustered our courage and opened the cpu by ourselves. No technician around. Just us.We were laughing while going through the process of opening the hardware with screwdrivers and toolbox in hand. Once in between giggles, I joked that we just had to wear short shorts and a tight blouse to look like pin-up girls. -) Although, we also had the sense to remind ourselves that that’s not the point.

I have tried opening up a computer before and just recently in a training, but I did it with the presence of a professional. It was a little scary for me to do the entire process with my sister alone, without any expert around. We just kept muttering “it is just a machine, it won’t bite” as we went on with our mission.

“Find the RAM, that thing that looks like a chocolate bar,” was the direction my sister’s friend gave. My anxiety faded away after I heard this because it sounded so funny. My mother used to say that the best way to give instructions is to imagine that you’re talking to a child. But the thing is, finding real chocolate bars is easy for me because I’m a chocolate-lover, but finding other objects that somehow look like chocolate bars is another story. It is one for the books so to speak, and a hilarious one at that.

Shit hits the fan was one of Murphy’s Laws, according to some drunkard idiot savant I met back in Dumaguete. Well, shit did hit the fan today. We never got to fix the CPU because even when we finally found that one thing that looked like a chocolate bar and fixed it up in its right place, the machine just refused to start. It was as stubborn as a bull. I wanted to just kick it real hard and throw it into the sea of metal junk in some shop in Mintal.

So there, after a few minutes of staring at the machine, wallowing in our frustrations, we then decided to save up money for a crash course in computer hardware troubleshooting, and of course, a newer PC.

How’s that for an anxiety attack?

  1. Uh ugh, you girls are in for some deep shit, tinkering around on those technical gray matters. Frustrated surgeons? Fun!

    Sometimes, it’s the only best way to do — opening up yourselves by opening up your CPUs. But make sure you back up your files first and do work in a safe mode. Do you have a COMODO? Download one today to protect your pc. ;p

  2. hardware says:

    Good information. I like it.

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