Posted: December 4, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings


I’m back in Davao! And very happy to be here after more than ten days of being holed up in the ADOC training laboratory in QC. So glad indeed.The Cebu Pacific flight I was on was kinda okay compared to the last time I traveled, except that we experienced some scary turbulence when we were nearing Davao. I slept almost the entire time we were flying. I don’t know if I snored but if I did, I’m so sorry about that. Last night was a long one. I had to pack and unpack; spending so much time really thinking over how to fit in the new books and stuff into my luggage. Then I spent hours staring at the TV, enjoying the beautifully crafted melodrama of Brothers and Sisters and the exotic recipes featured in Tablescape. This time, Angel and the chef is in Samal Island or IGACOS.From the airport, I went straight to the university after dumping my luggage in my room (which I missed so much for some strange reason). I realized I missed the university too. Although, I kind of became agitated over some news I got. Anyway, life is fair as it has always been for me.Still feeling groggy. Will get back to blogging about serious stuff tomorrow. (As if!)

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