On Trillanes Revolt

Posted: December 2, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, politics, Random Observations


“as a semi-jaded media guy, i don’t have belief in trillanes. but i also don’t like the way the state readcted. somebody ought to tell them it was archaic. kakahiya sa madlang mundo.”– text message from a friendEven during that Oakwood mutiny hulabaloo, I have never for once in my sane state, trusted Trillanes or any military man for that matter. Despite the fact that most of my friends would convince me by reiterating that soldiers are trained to be loyal, therefore they can be trusted and they would never go back on their word, I have remained very skeptical at soldiers, particularly military men who seem to be often in a hurry to be heroes.Yes, as a media practitioner, I agree with some of the points that the soldiers in Oakwood along with Trillanes were complaining about– the lack of funds and support, the corruption in the military ranks, among others. My fellow journalists in Mindanao are too aware of this to even bat an eyelash and disagree. But at the time, I didn’t agree with how Trillanes and his gang of “renegades” managed to transform the idea of a coup d’ tat (a violent take-over) seem very romantic, even more romantic than Bonifacio’s cry at Balintawak.The reason why I never trusted Trillanes is that I have always suspected that bigwigs have been funding his ego. These people, who control the shots,will be all too happy to watch him do the dirty work, while they wait by the sidelines.The other night while watching Trillanes on TV, I saw not a man of conviction but a man with delusions of grandeur. He was portrayed like a megalomaniac, a man who’s in a hurry to become a hero. Not like Ninoy, no siree… More like Don Quixote flaying his sword at some imaginary windmill, but the difference is that Trillanes’ windmills are real and they’re giant cyclops trumping about town.The government for its part reacted like they were expected to do, of course, with overkill. It was like watching a telenovela of reality. The media people on the other hand, knew what they got themselves into, and of course, like over-reacting stereotypical reporters, they reacted as people expected them to when they were handcuffed by policemen. Although I do not agree with how the government dealt with the media, I also put the blame partly on media–especially the big TV networks and their reporters. That kind of sensationalizing makes me cringe.It saddens me that instead of news givers, the media people became the news themselves–part of the whole circus. There are so many ways to get information during a coverage like that. I don’t exactly believe that you have to squeeze yourself into the middle of the conflict and become part of the conflict yourself. For me, that is the mark of the tragedy of scoop-mentality. The old adage: “to deliver the news in whatever means necessary,” doesn’t hold true in most instances. The media is not Machiavellian after all. Let us be reminded of that.(While I still have so many things to say about this I will end here.)

  1. Nonoy says:

    — > Expel Tonyo Trillanes From The Senate Online Petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/xpel2nyo/petition.html

  2. President Arroyo has all the powers to blow all these rogue elements into smithereens. Whereas in Cebu and other Visayan/Mindanao islands laughed at Trillane’s cheap shot. It’s fun to watch when the circus comes back to town again.

    Trillanes should join the modelling world instead. I like his haircut!

  3. liguified says:

    bakit naman ako maniniwala sa isang taong nguya nang nguya ng bubblegum sa gitna ng isang importante at mabigat na pangyayari. darn! mukha syang kambing…

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