mug shots

Posted: December 2, 2007 in All and Sundry


watch out for my new podcasting site i created over at i’m planning to put in there some trial audiocast stuff for my meda103 (new media in communication) class. i have decided to require them to make digital storytelling pieces at the end of the semester. but before they can do so, they have to try out podcasting as another activity under the unit on digital audio/sound editing. i’m quite grateful that sheila b. is willing to guest lecture on the intricacies of audio recording (being a broadcomm graduate herself). it’s always good to have experts talk in your class. contrary to popular opinion, i am not the all-knowing benevolent infallible teacher.the logo for the podcasting site will sort of look like this:

oh no. you are mistaken. i was not arrested, hence this is not a police mug shot. the organizers of the ICT for ‘Women Empowerment training I just attended, decided to take pictures of us like this. I don’t know their reasons but I find it quite hilarious and of course, FUN. plus, i do look good in that picture. *wink*more “mug” shots to follow….

  1. hehe , you look great with this photo ..

  2. Bryan says:

    you dont strike me as someone who’d frequent a mug shot queue…


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